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Intelligent Inspection Software
Secure the structural health and integrity records for all assets

Empowering owners, inspectors & engineers to protect the structural health of assets

Inspect 3

  • New workflows with checklists
    Digitize and fully configure your daily routine
  • Multi-asset overview
    Organize your projects easier than ever

Available in October

Asset Owners
Increase asset net present value, make informed maintenance decisions while ensuring your structure’s operational availability, quality and safety.
Raise your game with effective, high value services for your customers while increasing quality, productivity and profits.
Boost your fact- and knowledge-based engineering advice delivering highest quality results for your clients, while saving time and money.
Why is structural health inspection data so important?
To protect the net present value (NPV) of assets, extend their lifetimes – and ensure public safety.
INSPECT not only helps you collect more data in an easier, richer and more structured way, but also delivers true data quality.
With INSPECT you are 100x faster on reporting and documentation – and no need to re-enter data back at the office.
INSPECT is cloud-based and synchronized in real-time – all data can be available to all team members and stakeholders when required.
Precise Location
The essence of inspection is LOCATION and we have put this at the core of your workflow. You simply layer all inspection data around it and store it into a SPOT. Working on 2D (drawings) or 3D (Digital Twin / BIM) view and GeoMap, add drawings, sketches, photos and observations to your SPOTS. Switch views at your convenience and gain better insights.
AI Defect Analysis
Revolutionary capabilities power defect digitization. DEFECT has a Neural Network engine at its core which identifies and segments cracks from the images with unprecedented precision and over 1,000x faster.
3D Scan - Reality Replica
Create a full-scale 3D Scan of your surroundings with just the latest generation iPad and INSPECT. You can also measure dimensions, slice-and-dice the scan and obviously export it to your favorite CAD tools for post-processing.
Capture - Automated Photo Documentation
Reduce photo-reporting time by a factor of 20x by using CAPTURE features in INSPECT. Whether you are moving around outside or indoors, with CAPTURE you can capture photos and automatically or manually pin them to the corresponding location on the 2D view – in real-time and with instant availability.
Dynamic Dashboard & Reporting
While you collect your data, everything is automatically summarized in an intuitive dashboard for at-a-glance real-time views. If required, traditional reports are easy to generate and available within seconds.
Intuitive Customization
Templates are provided, but you can also choose to customize all your workflows in a way that suits your needs using the intuitive and powerful form builder. It’s up to you to decide what input fields you use and what goes into the report.
In-Depth Imaging
Maximize your inspection work through seamless integration with non-destructive tools such as ground penetrating radar, ultrasound or rebound hammers and visualize all insights on one platform.
INSPECT is a comprehensive, cloud-connected software platform that seamlessly integrates into your inspection workflow – facilitating data collection in the field and reporting the way you and your customers like it in a fully digital, customizable and collaborative way.

“My clients were impressed that I can provide them a report within the same day of the inspection.” 

Canadian Cutting & Scanning

“The two main benefits of Screening Eagle Inspect have been time and cost savings, and increased connectivity”

TSM C&S Consultants PTE. LTD

“INSPECT makes us more efficient to give better products to our clients” 

Vinci Technology Centre UK LTD 


Available Features

Unlimited spots & photos

Spot & report customisation

Dynamic dashboard & reporting

AI defect analysis

3D Scan – Reality replica

Integration with NDT data

Capture based position tracking

3D view (BIM integration)

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Can INSPECT  support  maintenance workflow?

Yes, maintenance workflow is mainly focused on identification of the defect, getting the contractor engaged to fix the defect, and re-verification of the fixed defect by inspection. In this workflow, identification is part of locating and creating spots with information in the INSPECT app with current spot template. 



How to add 3D views to INSPECT?

3D view setup in Inspect can be done via INSPECT web only. There are the following steps involved in this process: Upload 3D model files in .ifc format, assign a type of 3D model, whether it is an Architectural, Structural, or MEP. Once the model is uploaded, make the model Published to see it in the app.



Why there is INSPECT Web and iOS App, what is the difference?

INSPECT web is an admin tool where all the data management and customization can happen while a user is in the office from any desktop or laptop. Whereas INSPECT app on the iPad is a tool to collect the data based on structured input forms (Spot templates) which are customized on INSPECT web by an admin or manager.


Can I customize reports with INSPECT to add my company branding?

Reports with INSPECT are fully customizable. You can add your company details such as the logo, address, website, and contact info on the first page of the report. Your company name also can come on each page of the report as a footer text. If you are looking for further customization you can always talk to our support team for assistance.