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Why the iPad?


We develop our software for the iPad because we know it is the best technology available for the capture and management of inspection workflows using our sensors. This way, we give you outstanding performance while we concentrate on our core capabilities -sensors, software and data. This focus enables us to provide you the highest performance without compromise.



Recommendations to keep your iPad working efficiently

  • Protect your iPad from impacts, heat and dust, we put some recommended accessories below
  • Keep iOS Updated
  • Clean your iPad regularly with a scratch-resistant cloth, avoid using cleaning solutions
  • Backup your iPad frequently
  • Carry your iPad in a case or protective sleeve



Impact Protection


The iPad is very powerful and it can also be as strong and rugged as you require. There are great options in the market to achieve the right protection for your intended application. Here are just some.

Urban Armour Gear (UAG)

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Carriage & Fit


There are no standards for mounting iPad accessories -modularity is key. Our range of sensor mounts for iPad has been carefully crafted to suit the most demanding applications.

UAG Hand strap

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Shoulder strap

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Tablet holder

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Sensor mounts

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Heat & Sunlight Protection


There's not only protection and mounts, other accessories might be needed for your iPad to work under most extreme outdoor conditions.

iPad cooling case

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iPad Sport Cool Case

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iPad Cooling Case with SunShield

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Docking & Mounting Solutions


There's not only protection and mounts, the variety of accessories for your iPad is immense. Think of a need and there is certainly an option for that.


Docking system

Extend the life of devices by preventing damage to the charging port from repetitive docking and then the name of the solution as weblink.

RAM IntelliSkin system

Universal quick connect-system

Efficient and consistent way to install and remove iPad devices from the same mounting system and then add the name of the solution as weblink.

PIVOT System

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