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Dropbox access request form

Authorized Distributors and Service Centers


This form can only be filled up by a SET/Proceq Sales representative to ensure the partner access to the correct content. Please be attentive to what he/she should have access to as changes after the request will take a considerable amount of time and effort. 
This request can be filled/sent for our current partners or new ones during the onboarding. Any new requests from partners regarding content directly addressed to Marketing will be directed to our Sales team so they can request access to dropbox folders.Once the form is submitted:

  • IT downloads all requests from Hubspot once a week and provides access to all partners in the list. They automatically will receive a dropbox invite and access details. Any trouble or delay, please contact: itsupport@screeningeagle.com 
  • The partner will only see Screening Eagle general info plus the selected segment/product families selected in the form. 
  • Only one account per partner will be provided. Please make sure the partner uses a generic email address that several people in his/her organization can have access to and keep the login details saved.