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GPR Insights is a powerful and user-friendly web application delivering the smoothest GPR data analysis experience with the highest imaging quality. Accessible from any laptop or PC, simply login with your Screening Eagle ID.



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Empowering GPR Service Providers,  Engineers and Geoscientists to post-process inspection data more efficiently 
GPR Service providers
Increase your productivity by empowering your team with an intuitive, easy-to-use software for advanced analysis of any GPR data
Subsurface  Engineers
Raise the quality of your client deliverables in no time - what used to take half a day now takes around half a minute to complete
Geophysicists & Geologists 
Save time and money, boost productivity, increase profit, and scale your business with the most efficient post-processing workflow
Why is advanced GPR data analysis so important?
The most advanced subsurface mapping solutions currently available in the market allow for a complete digital workflow (from data acquisition to final deliverables) in the field. However, sometimes time in the field is limited by site or weather conditions, or the data needs a deeper analysis (soil conditions, positioning errors or project specific requirements). Advanced GPR data analysis gives the deepest insights possible into your inspection data
Insights not only helps you analyze more data in an easier, richer and more structured way, but also delivers true data quality
Thanks to an intuitive workflow and integration into the Screening Eagle Ecosystem, you get more done in less time
Insights is synchronized in real-time with all data available to the project team and stakeholders when required
Superior visualization
Visualization is at the core of GPR data analysis and post-processing. Now you can visualise your data easier and faster than ever before. Switch views in a click of a button with customisable filters and gain better GPR data insights (no pun intended).
Secure data sharing
Gone are the days of waiting for data to uploaded onto a USB stick for sharing, or needing several pieces of software to handle the different file formats. Now, you can share and receive GPR data at any time, securely, with a simple link. Your data is stored automatically in the cloud with a back-up copy for safe keeping.
Efficient collaboration
Since GPR Insights can be used broadly, rather than limited to post-processing experts only, more of your team can collaborate, share inputs, analyse and post-process the data from any laptop or PC. Simply login with your Screening Eagle ID and everything will be there. And with full Workspace integration, you can access all your inspection data projects in one place.
Automatic 3D compilation
The essence of data analysis is 2D and 3D visualization of correctly positioned and processed data. So, we have put this at the core of your workflow. Conveniently tweak the pre-filtering and slicing/gridding to your liking. Work on 2D or 3D view, and easily add a satellite image, CAD files, and observations (tags and drawings) to your data. 
Advanced imports
Import field interpretation (tags, as-builts) and all types of GPR data files, with no need for conversion! All you have to do is upload the data file and it is automatically integrated in seconds. If your client has previous data, you can also import and merge with current data for richer insights.
GPR Insights
is an intelligent data analysis web-app for GPR Service companies, Subsurface Utility Engineers, and Geoscientists to increase productivity, profit and scalability with an intuitive, platform-agnostic software for advanced analysis of any GPR data. See how GPR Insights can raise the quality of your deliverables with better and faster results for your clients.
Customer testimonials

"Great looking interface: Professional but still simple to understand. I particularly like the C-scan view part."



Do I need a powerful computer to run GPR Insights?

No, you don´t! You only need an internet connection on any standard laptop or PC. 



Does GPR Insights work with data from non-Screening Eagle GPRs?

Yes it does. On the first release, you can import .dzt, .dt and SEGY. We will be adding more propietary formats.



How much training do I need to go from importing data to final data visualization and export?

Almost none! We built an intuitive workflow so that users can focus on data analysis rather than reading manuals.


Can I use GPR Insights for any GP or GS data set?

Yes you can. From Workspace, just search for the data set you want to analyze in Insights and start visualizing B-scans, C-scans and 3D views in no time.