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Screening Eagle

Rebar and corrosion inspection is a central activity for anyone involved in on-site testing of reinforced concrete structures. Locating rebars is a necessity when drilling, cutting, or coring, as well as a preliminary operation required for most other non-destructive investigations. Other applications include conformity checks of new buildings, investigations on unknown structures and corrosion analysis. Half-cell potential technology provides fast on-site mapping of the corrosion likelihood for a clear overview of any areas with high probability of being corroded. The eddy current pulse induction principle provides a high rebar cover accuracy under every scenario and is the only technology to estimate rebar diameter in optimal conditions.

Since the early 1970s, Screening Eagle Technologies has been addressing those different needs through a continuous development effort of rebar locators, concrete cover meters & half-cell potential sensors, offering the best features needed for any specific application.

Rebar Cover & Diameter Assessment

PM8000 Pro

The expert cover meter!

Helps you in all your measurement tasks from Rebar detection to area scanning. Precise measurements with unique advanced visualization.


The advanced cover meter!

Helps you in many measurement tasks from rebar detection to line scanning. Precise rebar cover measurements and diameter estimation with great clarity.

PM8000 Lite

The easy cover meter!

Fast rebar detection, finding the safe spot to drill, spot check cover measurement & estimate rebar diameter.


PM8500 Corrosion Kit

A complete sensor and software solution for on-site mapping of corrosion potential, including a rod electrode to quickly scan small areas such as columns or beams

One-Wheel Electrode

Scan bigger vertical and overhead areas such as walls or roofs with the One-Wheel Electrode

Four-Wheel Electrode

Scan big horizontal areas such as slabs, parking garages and bridge decks with the Four-Wheel Electrode

Profometer & Profoscope Legacy

[ Products below are Phased-out and out of stock in most countries, we keep them online for help & support purposes ]

Profometer 600

Advanced cover meter based on the new generation Profometer touchscreen

Profometer 630 AI

Enhanced correction factor for maximum cover accuracy on congested rebar arrangements

Profometer 650 AI

Functionalities for mapping concrete cover and for reporting any 2D rectangular rebar arrangement


Handy cover meter with integrated display and assisted detection feature
Advanced half-cell measuring instrument for on-site mapping of the corrosion potential. User-friendly with leading-edge capabilities.