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Flaw Detection


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Dynamic ultrasound inspection for several types of materials including composite, plastic and metal.

  • Use a simple code to upgrade anytime to TOFD and Phased Array (PA)
  • Bandwidth down to 200 kHz to test on attenuative materials, plus 2 axis encoding to record data
  • Improved productivity with automatic reporting


Ultrasonic Testing of Wrought Products using DGS / Ultrasonic Testing of Railway Track and Axles Detection of High-Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) / Immersion Ultrasonic Testing

Productive, powerful ultrasonic flaw detection with flexible modes and broad bandwidth

The Proceq Flaw Detector 100 can be upgraded with the Ultrasonic Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) and Phased Array (PA) modes anytime and anywhere, even on-site.


Outstanding hardware with a true square wave pulser, 200MHz digitizing frequency, and broad system bandwidth from 200 kHz to 20 MHz. Plus, twin axis encoding to offer an extremely comprehensive measurement solution.


Built-in 3D beamtool showing the part, weld, wedge, probe, and scan coverage. Real-time interactive ray-tracer which plots the beam path and indicates location directly in the part, so you can assess and communicate the location easily.

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FD100 Tech Specs
Sensor / Instrument
Tech Specs
UT/TOFD: 2 UT Channels
PA also 1 l-PEX PA

Transducer Socket
UT/TOFD: Lemo 1 or BNC

Pulse Voltage
UT/TOFD: 100 to 450 V (10V steps)
PA: 25 to 75 V (5V steps)

UT/TOFD: 1 to 1500 Hz
PA:1 to 5000 Hz

Gain Range
UT/TOFD: 100 dB (0.1 dB steps)
PA:76 dB (0.1 dB steps)

UT/TOFD: 200 kHz to 22 MHz
PA: 200kHz to 14MHz

TFT 8.4"

Signal Enhancement
Digital filters, smoothing, contouring, rejection, averaging

2 channels
PA16:16: 16 active channels
PA16:64: 64 active channels

Digitizing Frequency
UT/TOFD: 50 MHz, 100 MHz, 200 MHz
PA: 65 MHz

Focal Laws

Supported Scans
UT:A, B, C
TOFD:A, B, C-Scan, Merged & TOFD
PA: A, B, C, L, S-Scan, Merged, true Top & End

Number of Scans
UT/TOFD:Up to 2
PA: 1 (with up to 3 extracted A scans)

Number of Layouts
PA: 35

Path length, depth, surface distance, DAC, AWS, DGS, TGS

File Size
Up to 3 GB

Report Generation
Customisable pdf report, PNG screen capture, CSV file output option

1 or 2 axis (quadrature input)

English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese

Battery Life
PA: 6 Hrs

IP rating
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Standards & Guidelines


  • Arrow, click names to download Standards & Guidelines ГОСТ 14782
  • Arrow, click names to download Standards & Guidelines ГОСТ 55724
  • Arrow, click names to download Standards & Guidelines EN 12668-1

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A variety of flaws occur in materials and parts either during manufacturing or due to the aging effect in the field and can be found with a flaw detector: Void / Porosity Inclusions Cracks (subsurface or surface) Weld Bond...

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What does traditional or conventional UT mean?

Conventional Ultrasonic Testing (UT) inspection is a commonly-used non-destructive testing (NDT) technique that measures the propagation of mechanical vibrations (ultrasonic waves) through the material to examine...

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What are the disadvantages of phased array testing as compared with conventional UT?

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