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Zehntner Sign Retroreflection

ZRS 6060

Visibility measurement of traffic and road signs and reflective materials
  • Easy to operate with polyglot menu navigation
  • Sturdy construction and ergonomic design
  • Precise geolocation and high-resolution images


Determination of the Coefficient of Retroreflection RA and R' / Automatic colour indication of retroreflective materials / Field and laboratory use / Quality assessment

Visibility measurement of traffic signs and reflective materials with retroreflectometry
Superior ergonomics and screen readability, thanks to the adjustable display. Quality-assure the night visibility of traffic signs, safety garments, conspicuity tapes, and other reflective materials.
Intelligent electronics work together with Swiss Made optics to monitor the environment and adjust to stray light. The result is a new benchmark of accuracy and robustness under any conditions in the field.
Enrich your measurements with precise geolocation and high-resolution images. The user-friendly and intuitive analysis software makes comprehensive reports possible quickly and with ease

Swiss Made
ZRS 6060 Tech Specs
Tech Specs
Innovative options to customize the reflectometer to personal requirements: integrated 5-megapixel camera, WAAS GPS-unit, handles and many more

LED illumination system
3.5” colour touchscreen with adjustable display inclination for excellent visibility under all light conditions
Measurement of three different observation angles at the same time

3.5“ colour TFT (LCD), LED backlight, HVGA resolution

Internal flash memory of 1 GB ≈ 1‘000‘000 measurements without pictures

Host USB (type A, Client Mini USB)(type B)

Measuring Range
0 - 2‘000 cd•lx-1•m-2

Reporting software
Includes mapping and data analysis software MappingTools

Calibration Accuracy
Factory calibration traceable to the independent Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology METAS

1.9 kg (4.19 lbs) net without options

Li-Ion 14.4 V / 6.5 Ah

Operating Temperature
-10 to +50°C (14 to +122°F), non condensing

Innovation Award
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Standards & Guidelines


  • Arrow, click names to download Standards & Guidelines ASTM E1710-18
  • Arrow, click names to download Standards & Guidelines ASTM E1809 (withdrawn 2010)
  • Arrow, click names to download Standards & Guidelines ASTM E2540
  • Arrow, click names to download Standards & Guidelines DIN 67520
  • Arrow, click names to download Standards & Guidelines EN 12899-1
  • Arrow, click names to download Standards & Guidelines ISO 20471
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