Dear Equotip Live App user

Last year (24th May 2020), Proceq informed you about out a major improvement to its cloud services that was carried out to bring you an elevated experience across our connected Live platform!

The migration was seamless, and the vast majority of our customers are now enjoying the benefits it provides, in particular a single point of login for all Proceq instruments. We are coming up to one year since the migration and the old server will soon be deactivated, that is end of March. If you are one of the very few users who have not already migrated, now is the time to change to the new platform to continue to make use of the Live platform services.

What do you need to do?

Simply go to the App Store and upgrade your Equotip Live app to take advantage of the improved services. That's it, as simple as that.
(If you still use iOS® 8, it is necessary to upgrade to iOS® 9 beforehand in order to be able to continue using Proceq's cloud services).

To guarantee a high quality experience for you, the improved cloud services result to the following adaptations:

- Proceq is committed to improving services. The minimum iOS® version supported will be iOS® 9.
- To take advantage of all the latest technology while at the same time providing backwards compatibility, any future app releases will support the current iOS® version (iOS® 13, status April 2020) and the previous two generations of iOS®
- Apple watch®  support will be released later
- 10 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese