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Webinars On-Demand




Post Tension Duct Inspections, Grouted or not grouted

Where do you start and how can NDT instruments help you identify where post tension ducts are and above all what condition are they in? Watch as our experts share the results they’ve obtained in real life situations using both Proceq GPR live and Pundit Pulse Echo Tomography.


State-of-the-Art of NDT for the Structural Assessment using Eddy Current & GPR techniques

Concrete NDT Specialist Dr. Guido Tronca provides an overview of Eddy Current (covermeters) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) techniques for a proper assessment of all the structural details, highlighting their strong points, their limitations, their complementarity and their typical applications. 




Advanced NDT Methods for Civil Engineering

Understand the potentials, limitations and typical applications on concrete structure inspections for civil engineering. Learn NDT techniques suitable for evaluating concrete compressive strength or defects and weathering of reinforced concrete.


GPR Applications

A complete dive into the many applications made possible with Proceq GP8000 and Proceq GP8800.




The future of Flaw Detection

Our #EagleExpert Chris Udell will introduce Proceq UT8000 Flaw Detector and will provide an overview of how this solution could support in your daily work.


Safer High Temperature Inspection

An overview of the latest wireless Flaw Detector, the Proceq UT8000 and demonstration of the Ionix HotSense™ ultrasonic technology for making thickness measurements using the Proceq UT8000 at high temperatures (up to 550°C).




Portable Hardness NDT

Overcoming the limitations of stationary bench top metal NDT hardness testing. The perfect chance to get to know the Equotip family.


Introduction to GPR for next generation concrete inspection (Japanese)

プロセク社 (スイス)が提供する次世代のGPRの紹介をいたします。入門編ということで、主要な機能を紹介させて頂きます。<主な特徴>業界最高探査探査深度700mm クラウドを利用したデータ共有および管理 (作業効率化) 表示装置はアップル社のiPadを採用し、AR機能を用いて測定結果を可視化