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What is a cross-cut test?

The adhesion of a coating on a substrate is crucial for the mechanical performance as well as for the corrosion protection. In practice, there are...

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What is the Cross-polarization of data?

The most typical data collection is when the Tx-Rx pair (Transmitter and Receiver of the GPR antenna) moves in parallel with the line that you are...

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Are there any rebound hammer conversion curves available for rock testing?

There are many rebound hammer correlation curves freely available for different lithologies to be found in literature on the internet. e.g. Aydin,...

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What is day visibility?

Day visibility is the luminance coefficient under diffuse illumination (from the sun or urban lightning). This principle is important in road...

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What type of adhesive tape is used for a cross-cut test?

Using an adhesive tape is not a normative reference. Therefore it's possible to use any adhesive tape.

However we suggest to use a tape with an...

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How is a cross-cut test executed?

There are various standards that describe the execution of a cross-cut test in order to determine the adhesion of a coating.

Method A: for tests...

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What is retroreflection (night visibility)

Retroreflection, also called night visibility, is a specific type of light reflection when the light rays goes on a surface and comes back to the...

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