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Ultrasonic pulse echo and impact echo, two complementary technologies for concrete inspection

A webinar to learn about our impact echo and ultrasonic pulse-echo products, the PI8000 and PD8050. We will introduce you to its many solutions and how you can use them together to get the best and most accurate results for your project, such as: - Inspecting concrete walls and slabs -...


From Best to Next - Leveraging Advanced GPR Data Processing

An educational webinar detailing how GPR users can perform advanced data analysis of GPR imaging through GPR Slice & GPR Insights software. Alex Novo and special guest Dean Goodman, the lead developer of GPR Slice; will show you how to leverage data processing capabilities of GPR Slice & Insights...


Harness The Power of Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Technology in Concrete Tests

Would you like to complete concrete pulse velocity scannings faster? How beneficial would it be to have a single person perform a scan? Would you like to stop using cables and coupling gel? Join this webinar to learn how Ultrasonic Pulse Echo technology and updates to our Pundit PD8050 can save...


Avoid Damage Efficiently using SFCW Ground Penetrating Radar

Coring and drilling professionals very frequently face the challenge of where to drill in concrete, most of the time without having an indication where the critical elements of the structure lie. Taking a blind guess can be very dangerous for the building and the people who work in it, as a...


Unlock Your Path with GS 2 & GPR Insights

A webinar for surveyors, locators, mapping professionals and GPR enthusiasts who want to know how to increase end-to-end efficiency for underground surveys. Learn in more depth about this unique subsurface mapping workflow with zero constraints, thanks to the GS8000 and the major updates in...


Challenges and solutions of the inspection of concrete structures

In this webinar we discuss important topics following the collapse of the Champlain Towers, focusing on preventive inspections and solutions to the challenges of inspecting concrete. In this webinar you will learn: - The current challenges and solutions of inspecting concrete - The solutions and...


Profometer PM8000 Pro: cover meter for the digital age

A webinar to learn more about our newest addition to the concrete quality control, durability and structural resistance assessment, the Profometer PM8000...