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Ensure rig safety

Oil rig operators

Make informed decisions based on reliable and accurate data to ensure safety and reliability of daily rig operations.

Maintain compliance

Q/C Managers

Ensure that all rig inspections and non-destructive tests are conducted according to industry standards.

Enhance productivity

NDT Technicians

Identify and assess potential defects in metal structures and components with high precision and a productive inspection workflow.

Discover advanced solutions to maintain safe operation at offshore facilities and oil rigs

Visual inspection

Enhance the end-to-end visual inspection workflow on oil rigs with AI-assisted automation.

Flaw detection

Conduct deeper inspections on oil rigs to detect hidden cracks or corrosion in metal components.

Hardness testing 

Gain valuable insights into the properties and hardness of metal components with high efficiency.

Employ rugged, durable equipment to withstand the rigors of offshore operations.

Automate visual inspection

with intelligent oil & gas inspection software

Visual inspection is part of the safety protocol on oil rigs to check for visible damage, defects, corrosion, dents, weld undercuts, coating breakdown and other potential issues that need further investigation. Using intelligent software, you can make visual inspections faster and more efficient with AI-assisted crack detection, 360-degree automated photo capture and many more useful tools to make routine inspections more productive.

Detect cracks in metal

with ultrasonic flaw detectors

Detect and measure flaws like cracks, voids and porosity in metal and other materials with high precision using ultrasonics. This non-destructive method delivers real-time results and clear insights into even the smallest flaws. Use ultrasonic flaw detectors like the Proceq UT8000 to inspect welds and joints, map corrosion and take high temperature thickness measurements with fully traceable data and rapid reporting capabilities.

Conduct quality tests

with portable hardness testers

Ensure oil rig assets such as pipes, storage tanks, vessels, flanges, welds, or metal components can withstand operating conditions without developing cracks or deformations, and minimize risk of failure with portable hardness testers. The Equotip family of portable hardness testers are world renowned for their durability and accuracy for oil and gas applications and Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) inspection with a comprehensive selection of user-friendly probes for every project.

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