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Ensure quality

Pipeline Manufacturers

Inspect your pipelines with high accuracy and efficiency during the manufacturing process to ensure they meet specifications and regulations for quality and safety.

Protect safety

Power Plant Operators

Detect potential issues in steel pipes that could compromise their structural integrity by using reliable NDT inspection equipment that delivers accurate and repeatable results.

Deliver accuracy

Contractors and EPC

Leverage a swift and precise workflow for your pipe inspections during the construction phase, or during maintenance and repairs, to deliver accurate results in any condition.

Discover advanced NDT equipment for pipeline inspection in the power generation industry

Hardness testing

Confirm the hardness of steel pipes matches the requirements for its intended application.

Flaw detection

Detect a wide range of defects in pipelines and measure the thickness of the pipe wall.

Achieve comprehensive assessment of pipes, including their structural integrity, corrosion resistance, and weld quality.

Measure hardness of pipes

with portable hardness testers

Hardness testing plays a crucial role in evaluating the mechanical properties of pipes and ensuring their suitability for their intended applications. Use portable hardness testers to assess weld quality and ensure proper heat treatment and verify that pipes and materials meet specified hardness requirements for their intended applications. The data can then also be incorporated into predictive maintenance programs to schedule inspections and repairs based on the actual condition of the pipes. Discover the Equotip family of portable hardness testers for reliable pipe inspection.

Detect flaws and corrosion

with ultrasonic inspection (UT)

Secure the safety of pipelines in the power generation industry with non-destructive ultrasonic inspection. Using a highly portable ultrasonic flaw detector, you can identify imperfections in welds such as cracks or porosity, measure thickness of the pipe wall, assess delamination, and detect non-metallic inclusions. Ultrasonic inspection with Proceq flaw detectors also enables detailed corrosion mapping for pipelines, giving real-time insights into areas that require immediate attention. Discover Proceq flaw detectors to enhance your pipe inspections even in difficult-to-access areas.

Have multiple requirements, or not sure of the best equipment for your pipeline inspections?

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