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Explore efficient inspection solutions for aerospace and aviation applications

From visual inspections of the aircraft to visibility testing of the runway markings, there are many components that contribute to the safety and reliability of this industry. Discover the efficient, non-destructive testing solutions.

Aircraft inspection solutions

Aircraft assessment solutions

Enhance aircraft safety and extend the lifespan of its components by revealing potential issues before the escalate. Map visual defects, such as cracks, corrosion, and surface imperfections with inspection software and identify any hidden flaws or damage in metal, composites and high alloy steels with efficient NDT methods.

Runway assessment solutions

Runway assessment solutions

Efficiently detect and map subsurface drainage systems, buried objects, and utility lines beneath the runway and surrounding areas. Accurately measure the retroreflectivity of airport markings on runways and taxiways to meet essential safety and quality guidelines.

Airfield inspection solutions

Airfield investigation solutions

Gain valuable insights into the subsurface conditions of airfields to address potential hazards, locate utilities, and optimize the lifespan of airfield infrastructure. Explore advanced airfield investigation solutions to contribute to enhanced safety, reduced maintenance costs, and optimized operational efficiency across the airfield.

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