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Ensure   durability

Maintenance Technicians

Gain accurate readings of hardness and defects to ensure boiler and heat exchanger components operate safely, meet quality checks and have long-lasting performance.

Verify compliance

Q/A Inspectors

Conduct comprehensive quality assurance inspections with easy-to-use, non-destructive testing equipment to ensure compliance with applicable standards.

Provide reliable data


Employ inspection equipment that delivers exceptional performance, reliability and durability, with real-time, accurate results and fast-reporting capabilities.

Verify the structural integrity of boilers and heat exchangers

Flaw detection

Check for cracks or corrosion hidden in boiler tubes and heat exchanger components high accuracy.

Hardness testing

Measure the hardness pf boiler tubes and welds to check they are able to withstand operating pressure.

Explore reliable NDT equipment for boilers and heat exchangers

Detect defects in boiler components

with ultrasonic flaw detectors

Prevent catastrophic failures and costly repairs by proactively detecting cracks, corrosion, and erosion in critical components like tubes, headers, welds, firebox walls, and support structures using ultrasonic flaw detectors. Monitor the wear and tear of your equipment with thickness gauging, visualize the extent of corrosion damage with corrosion mapping, and identify delaminated materials that could cause sudden tube failures – all with real-time fully traceable data results. Discover the Proceq family of ultrasonic flaw detectors for boiler and heat exchanger inspection.

Measure hardness of steel components

with Leeb portable hardness testers

Take the guesswork out of boiler and heat exchanger integrity with portable hardness testers, the trusted NDT method for preventing premature failure. Rapidly assess the hardness of materials, uncovering signs of weakness, erosion, and brittleness before they cause costly repairs or safety hazards. Eliminate the need for downtime with on-site testing, ensuring your boilers and heat exchangers operate at peak efficiency and safety. Empower your technicians with user-friendly handheld devices that deliver consistent and reliable inspection results.

Have multiple requirements, or not sure of the best equipment for boiler inspections?

Our product specialists will help guide you through the process of finding the right solution for your needs.

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