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Extend building lifespan

Asset Owners

Ensure your investment in retrofits extend the lifespan of the building, minimize maintenance requirements, and minimize environmental impact.

Identify hidden issues

Property Managers

Employ efficient NDT and inspection solutions to reduce risks, save money, and improve the quality of the property for current and future residents.

Rely on accurate data

Engineers & Inspectors

Deliver accurate and reliable results through versatile solutions that adapt to the demanding pace of retrofit projects and provide valuable insights with ease.

Empower sustainability efforts with optimized retrofit inspection solutions for durable structures

Visual inspection

Boost productivity with a digital visual inspection workflow and automated reporting.

Object detection

Map and identify the exact location of buried pipes, cables, and other objects

Structural health checks

Assess the thickness, integrity, and condition of concrete, detect cracks and defects.

Strength testing

Test the compressive strength of concrete and identify weak spots for retrofit.

Corrosion mapping

Map corrosion potential, estimate durability and evaluate the effectiveness of repairs.

Concrete repair evaluation

Determine the quality of concrete repairs with a fast and cost-effective solution.

Rebar cover & diameter measurement

Inspect concrete cover and measure rebar diameter with high precision and ease

Permeability testing

Evaluate how well the concrete has been installed and compacted on retrofit projects

Resistivity testing

Gain accurate insights into the concrete's susceptibility to corrosion and deterioration

Explore efficient solutions to facilitate safe building on existing buildings, retrofitting and life cycle inventories.

Elevate visual inspections

with intelligent inspection software

Save time, costs and revisits by using a comprehensive solution to ensure all data you need is captured first time, and efficiently. With intelligent software like Screening Eagle Inspect, you can digitally record the condition of the building with a thorough visual inspection and the added power of AI-assisted crack detection. Take 360 automated photos, make notes or leave voice comments, and keep everything in one place for fast reporting and life cycle inventory data management

Detect cables and objects in concrete

with ground penetrating radar

GPR delivers an efficient way identify the exact location of buried pipes, cables, and other objects inside concrete to avoid costly damage during construction work. This is particularly important when retrofitting buildings to install new utilities or make structural changes. You can also use GPR to guide the installation of new concrete repairs or reinforcements and visualize the data in real-time for faster decisions on time-sensitive builds

Conduct structural health checks

With ultrasonic pulse echo

Ultrasonic pulse-echo (UPE) testing is a valuable tool for conducting structural health checks in retrofit builds. It can be used to assess the thickness, integrity, and condition of concrete, enabling the detection of cracks, delaminations, and other defects with real-time visualization of the data. UPE testing with the Pundit PD8050 is a cost-efficient and non-destructive solution, making it an ideal tool for retrofit projects

Test concrete compressive strength

with rebound hammers

Rebound hammer technology offers a quick and non-destructive method for checking concrete compressive strength on retrofit builds. Rebound hammers like the infamous Schmidt hammer is commonly used to assess the strength of existing concrete structures before embarking on retrofit projects, in order to identify weak areas that may require strengthening or reinforcement.

Map corrosion likelihood

with half-cell potential technology

Detect potential corrosion activity in reinforced concrete structures, to gain clear indications of potential structural damage. Using an efficient solution like half-cell potential technology with wheel electrodes to assess the tougher areas like ceilings, you can rapidly detect corrosion likelihood with real-time data analytics. The Profometer PM8500 Corrosion sensor also enables you to estimate concrete durability and evaluate the effectiveness of corrosion repairs

Evaluate concrete repairs

with pull-off adhesion testers

Efficiently determine the quality of concrete repairs by assessing the adhesive strength between the repair material and the substrate using a hand-held pull-off adhesion tester. The unmatched ease of operation combined with accurate results makes it the perfect solution for assessing bond strength. The Proceq DY-2 family of pull-off adhesion testers make it easy to work in accordance with standards with all levels of strength applications

Check rebar cover and diameter

with Eddy current technology

Rebar diameter and cover measurement with Eddy current technology can help to identify areas where the reinforcement is damaged, corroded, or inadequately protected by concrete cover. This information can be used to develop appropriate retrofit plans. It is also an efficient method to calculate the durability of the existing reinforcement to ensure retrofits will not overload the existing structure

Enhance concrete quality checks

with permeability testing

Air permeability testing plays a crucial role in determining the quality of concrete and evaluate the permeability of renovation plasters. Using a simple but powerful unit like the Torrent permeability tester, you can rapidly assess areas for targeted retrofits and ensure the effectiveness of retrofitting efforts. It is one of the few methods that can determine how well the concrete has been installed and compacted

Assess concrete resistivity

with a resistivity tester

Unlock the power of resistivity testing for long-term durability of concrete. Resistivity testing measures the electrical resistance of concrete, giving indication of the concrete's susceptibility to corrosion. Resistivity testing with the Resipod can help you evaluate the effectiveness of corrosion mitigation measures implemented during retrofit projects and to evaluate concrete repairs to see if the resistivity matches the surrounding concrete.

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