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Ensure high quality

Manufacturers and industrial firms

Verify the quality of metal fabrication assets with reliable inspection and NDT data to ensure they meet all safety regulations and compliance with standards.

Extend asset lifespan

Maintenance & repair professionals

Prevent potential failures, minimize downtime and extend the lifespan of metal assets with comprehensive solutions to evaluate any quality issues.

Optimize inspections

Engineers & NDT technicians

Inspect welds, joints, and components, ensuring they meet the required standards and applicable codes, whilst delivering superior data results and fast reports.

Obtain cost-effective NDT solutions that deliver maximum value

Visual inspection

Minimize the risk of human error and significantly boost productivity on visual inspections.

Metal hardness testing

Gain a general indication of the metal fabrication quality, strength and wear resistance

Weld inspection

Identify flaws and discontinuities in welds with high efficiency and full data traceability.

Conduct high quality metal fabrication inspection for long-term durability of components and structures.

Revolutionize visual inspection

with intelligent software

Visual inspection plays a crucial part of metal fabrication to identify and record surface defects, weld undercuts, or incomplete fusions. Using intelligent inspection software like Screening Eagle Inspect, you can streamline visual inspections, making it faster to prioritize areas that require further testing. Photo documentation also becomes more efficient with automatic 360 photo taking capabilities that are geolocated to the map

Assess metal fabrication

With portable hardness testing

Unlock the power of portable hardness testing to ensure the integrity of your metal fabrication processes. With its portability, ease of use, and versatility, portable hardness testers are an indispensable tool for quality control in manufacturing. Whether you're inspecting welds, checking component hardness, or ensuring compliance with industry standards, portable hardness testing provides rapid, accurate results, helping you maintain consistency, prevent costly rework, and ensure quality.

Inspect welds and joints

with ultrasonics (UT)

Assess the integrity of welds and joints non-destructively, either at their manufacturing stage or during in-service with ultrasonic flaw detectors. Ultrasonics is a popular choice for engineers who need to inspect welds in various materials including steel, aluminum and composites. Discover a comprehensive selection of ultrasonic flaw detectors to inspect defects in welds and joints of all types.

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