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Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a fast and cost-effective solution for structural diagnostics and monitoring compared to traditional methods that often require extensive excavation or destructive testing. Now it's possible to map the subsurface with ease and gain immediate 3D visualization for empowered decisions.

Explore the efficient solutions for structural diagnostics and monitoring

Fast structural diagnostics

Scan and digitalize what lies beneath the ground with superior clarity at different depths.

Efficient structural monitoring

Achieve the highest density of information across all three dimensions to create detailed maps.

Large-scale infrastructure mapping

Conduct surveys on large areas such as bridges, highways or airfields with real-time 3D mapping.

Data post-processing & analysis

Enable fast data post-processing and analysis and incredible visualizations with easy-to-use software.

Powerful GPR sensors and software for structural diagnostics and monitoring

Collect clear 3D data visualizations in real-time for structural diagnostics and monitoring, giving you the reliable information of the subsurface environment.

Make the invisible, visible

Fast structural diagnostics

Embrace the revolutionary power of stepped frequency wave (SFCW) GPR technology to elevate structural diagnostics and monitoring. This cutting-edge solution surpasses conventional GPR methods by delivering unparalleled resolution and depth penetration, enabling the detection of even the most elusive subsurface features.

Subsurface Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GS8000 subsurface mapping GPR


The everyday GPR mapper

Explore greater depths

Detailed structural monitoring

Harness the power of multichannel GPR to revolutionize structural diagnostics and monitoring practices. This non-destructive method delivers unprecedented data acquisition speed, high-resolution imaging, and deeper depth penetration, enabling comprehensive structural assessments and proactive decision-making on all types of applications.

Subsurface Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GS9000 Multichannel Subsurface Mapping GPR


The multichannel GPR mapper

Improve infrastructure longevity

Large-scale infrastructure mapping

Revolutionize structural assessments for large-scale infrastructure assets with the advanced mobile mapping GPR's ability to cover vast areas rapidly. Mobile mapping is ideally suited for regional utility mapping, infrastructure planning, and environmental assessments, providing comprehensive coverage and detailed insights in a fraction of the time.

Multichannel GPR Mobile Mapping System

GM8000 Mobile Mapping GPR


The ultimate subsurface mobile mapper

Extract data gold

GPR data post-processing & analysis

Data post-processing and analysis is a versatile tool that can enhance the interpretation of any type of GPR data, regardless of the GPR system used or the application. Whether you are assessing roads, bridges, buildings, or archaeological sites, data post-processing and analysis can provide valuable insights that were previously hidden within the raw data.

GPR Data Post-processing and Analysis Software

GPR Insights web-based post-processing and analysis software for all types of GPR data

GPR Insights

Web-based GPR data post processing and analysis software

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