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Intuitive interface

The GS8000 is extremly straightforward to use, from data capture through to reporting. You can look at crystal-clear hyperbolas or 2D/3D images of the subsurface; and can tag and annotate the different utilities. Deliverables are generated efficiently.

Secure and traceable data

The GS8000 enables you to digitally store every detail for each job performed. Data is stored securely in the cloud so accessing and sharing it is simplified, both from the field and from the office.

Easy mapping

If you also want to map the utilities, GS8000 comes with a wide range of cutting-edge features, including the ability to digitize your EML findings on their true location on a map alongside GPR findings. DXF/SHP files can be exported in state plane formats.

GS8000 Subsurface & Utility Mapping with Ease

Are you ready for the GS8000?

The GS8000, with its broadband antenna, detects gas and water pipes as well as small near-surface cables. With its easy-to-use software, you can quickly visualize, report and share all your utility line data, all within seconds. Request a demo now.