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Identify potential sites

Mining companies

Gain valuable insights into the subsurface conditions of potential mining sites and optimize infill drilling efforts with precise mapping of potential mineral deposits.

Deliver reliable results

Geotechnical firms

Generate detailed maps of subsurface features such as wells, aquifers and springs for informed decision making on water well construction.

Extract actionable data

Environmental Consultants

Employ fast and efficient subsurface survey solutions that not only help you to collect unmatched level of data quality, but visualize and analyze it easily.

Empower large-scale resource exploration with efficient solutions

Subsurface mapping

Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the subsurface with 3D real-time data visualization.

Mobile mapping

Survey vast areas for detailed resource exploration with high efficiency and ease of use.

Data analysis

Analyze your subsurface mapping GPR data in new ways to extract the deepest insights.

Ultra-efficient subsurface mapping for resource exploration

Enable comprehensive surveys

with multichannel subsurface mapping GPR

Unlock the hidden riches of the earth with a multichannel GPR like the GS9000. Explore and map mineral deposits, identify buried structures, locate groundwater resources, and assess excavation sites with unparalleled precision. This versatile system provides high-resolution 3D subsurface imaging in real-time, efficient data processing, and comprehensive mapping capabilities, empowering you to make informed decisions and maximize resource exploration success.

Accelerate resource exploration

with mobile mapping GPR

Harness the power of multichannel mobile mapping GPR to revolutionize your resource exploration efforts. Unveil hidden mineral deposits, map buried structures, identify hazards, and create detailed 3D subsurface models with unparalleled precision and efficiency. A game-changing mobile mapping system like the GM8000 empowers you to make informed decisions, accelerate exploration timelines, and maximize resource discovery success.

Empower GPR data analysis

with web-based post-processing software

Unleash the power of advanced data post-processing and analysis with incredible 3D rendering visualizations created in seconds from raw GPR data. With powerful web-based software like GPR Insights, you can reduce time and effort needed for resource exploration data post-processing and identify finer subsurface details that may not be visible without advanced analysis techniques. The software is commonly used with all types of GPRs to make the workflow faster and more efficient, and make the data ultra-clear for stakeholders.

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