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Unique two-chamber vacuum cell principle
Torrent Permeability tester for the on-site assessment of concrete quality
Torrent Permeability tester for the on-site assessment of concrete quality



Permeability tester for the on-site assessment of concrete quality

  • Rapid assessment of air permeability
  • User-friendly menu technique
  • Based on a simple theoretical model
Fast, reliable, and non-destructive measurement of the air permeability of concrete structures
A two-chamber vacuum cell and a pressure regulator, which ensure an airflow at right angles to the surface for rapid assessment of air permeability
Ease of use
The unit has a user-friendly menu technique and measures the pressure increase as a function of time according to a specific sequence
Calculation of the permeability coefficient kT is based on a simple theoretical model for rapid, accurate on-site non-destructive testing
Torrent Tech Specs
Tech Specs
Measured Quantity
Permeability coefficient kT [10-16m2]

Instrument Firmware
Data transfer capabilities to third party software

128 x 128 graphic LCD

200 measured values

RS 232 or optional adapter to USB

Measuring Range
-10 °C to +60 °C
Standards & Guidelines


  • Arrow, click names to download Standards & Guidelines SIA 262-1

Is the Torrent method standardized?

The Torrent method to determine the air-permeability of concrete is standardized in Switzerland SIA 262-1.

What information is provided by the Torrent method?

The Torrent method measures the air-permeability of covercrete. i.e. the surface layer of the concrete. So it gives an indication of how resistant the concrete is to gaseous contaminants. It is one of the few tests that...

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What values of KT are acceptable for the concrete under test?

The Swiss standard SIA 262-1 provides a list of acceptable kT values depending on the environmental conditions. The values are based on an extensive study carried out by the Swiss Highway Authorities.

How is the co-efficient of permeability calculated?

The calculation for the co-efficient of permeability is shown below:

TORRENT Permeability Tester

Calculation Formulas

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