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Ensure high quality

Manufacturing plant managers

Ensure that the plant is running smoothly and efficiently, with machinery operating properly and products being manufactured correctly.

Inspect defects fast

Quality control inspectors

Confirm that machinery and machined goods are free from any defects and meet rigorous quality standards to reduce risks and product recalls.

Deliver accurate results

NDT technicians

Inspect machinery and manufactured parts with high precision, accuracy and efficiency, using highly portable non-destructive solutions.

Discover reliable inspection solutions to increase product quality

Metal hardness testing

Confirm material type, determine hardness and gain crucial insights into quality of metal.

Material flaw detection

Identify flaws and discontinuities in a variety of materials, metal, composites and plastics.

Keep the wheels of the industry turning with efficient quality control of machinery and components

Measure hardness of metal components

with portable hardness testers

Portable hardness testing is an essential tool for ensuring the quality and reliability of machinery and machined goods in the manufacturing industry. It helps prevent defects and failures, protects workers and the environment, and ensures that products meet standards. Trust in Equotip portable hardness testers when you need to verify heat treatment, inspect coils to prevent molding machine failures, assess manufactured wires and many other applications. Save money, manpower and machine downtime.

Detect flaws in various materials

with ultrasonic flaw detectors

law detection plays a vital role in preventing costly downtime, product recalls, and potential safety incidents. By identifying defects early on, manufacturers can take corrective actions to mitigate risks and maintain the high quality and durability of their products. Ultrasonic flaw detectors enable the inspection of various materials including metals, composites and plastics, ensuring the quality and reliability of critical components and machinery.

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