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Concrete corrosion poses a significant risk to infrastructure integrity and asset value. Comprehensive corrosion assessments are an essential investment in infrastructure longevity, ensuring the safety of our built environment while maximizing asset life and long-term value, at the same time as reducing maintenance costs.

Discover the user-friendly, reliable solutions for concrete corrosion assessment.

Concrete Cover & Rebar Analysis

Map the thickness and condition of the concrete cover and rebar diameter.

Corrosion Potential Mapping

Identify areas of corrosion within the concrete to prevent structural failure.

Resistivity Testing

Assess concrete resitivity and degree of corrosion in the reinforcing steel.

Deterioration Maps

Develop a Deterioration Map for a closer look at the signal reflection strength.

Permeability Testing

Assess the air permeability for rapid on-site assessment of concrete quality.

Data Management & Reporting

Enable streamlined data management and fast reporting with intelligent software.

Sensors and software for corrosion assessment

Screening Eagle's sensor and software solutions provide accurate and reliable data for identifying areas of corrosion potential. This enables timely maintenance and repair to be carried out, and ultimately, safeguards the entire structural integrity of your valuable assets.

Enable predictive maintenance

Concrete cover and rebar analysis

Assessing the concrete cover over reinforcement bars is pivotal for ensuring infrastructure durability. Utilizing tools like a cover meter, provides precise measurements that are crucial for compliance with standards, while also acting as an early warning system against potential issues like corrosion.

Concrete Cover Meters

Profometer PM8000 Pro expert cover meter

PM8000 Pro

The expert cover meter

Profometer PM8000 advanced concrete cover meter


The advanced cover meter

PM8000 Lite easy concrete cover meter

PM8000 Lite

The easy cover meter

Leverage long-term cost savings

Corrosion potential mapping

Corrosion potential mapping is invaluable for pinpointing corrosion risk zones and monitoring corrosion progression to prevent costly repairs. By combining corrosion potential mapping with concrete cover measurements, a comprehensive rebar integrity assessment can be achieved.

Corrosion Potential Sensors

PM8500 Corrosion Kit

Base kit with rod electrode (Sensor & Software)

One-wheel Electrode

Base kit with rod electrode (Sensor & Software)

Four-wheel Electrode

Scan big horizontal areas (Slabs, bridge decks etc)

Ensure regulatory compliance

Resistivity testing

Resistivity testing plays a crucial role in identifying areas that are susceptible to corrosion and provides valuable insights into the health of concrete. By measuring the concrete’s electrical resistivity with a hand-held device, engineers can easily locate areas with higher moisture content indicating susceptibility of corrosion.

Corrosion Resistivity Meter

Proceq Resipod concrete resistivity meter

Proceq Resipod

A comprehensive solution for measuring the electrical resistivity of concrete

Gain deeper insights

Deterioration maps

For a closer look at the signal reflection, it is wise to develop a Deterioration Map using ground penetrating radar and intelligent GPR data post-processing software. A deterioration map helps to identify areas with a high probability of being deteriorated, for example, areas with corrosion, weaker materials, lower density, more permeability, etc.

Ground Penetrating Radar & Post-processing Software 

Proceq GP8100 GPR ultra-wide concrete scanner object and rebar detection

Proceq GP8100 GPR

Ultra-wideband, portable concrete ground penetrating radar (GPR)

GPR Insights web-based post-processing and analysis software for all types of GPR data

GPR Insights

Web-based GPR data post-processing and analytics software

Extend asset lifespan

Permeability testing

Permeability testing plays an important role in concrete corrosion assessments by measuring the detrimental effects of water penetration to the reinforcing steel. With an easy-to-use, hand-held device, areas susceptible to moisture and potential deterioration can be rapidly identified. Include permeability testing into your assessments for actionable data to drive preventative maintenance strategies.

Concrete Permeability Tester 

Proceq Torrent concrete permeability tester

Proceq Torrent

Permeability tester for rapid on-site concrete assessment.

Enhance decision-making

Data management & reporting

Intelligent software transforms data collection and reporting on your concrete corrosion assessments, empowering informed decision-making. With a streamlined digital workflow, it’s possible to seamlessly integrate NDT data for comprehensive asset information. No more waiting for reports to be generated, it can be completed in seconds, in one-click.

Intelligent Inspection Software 

Screening Eagle Inspect the intelligent inspection workflow and asset management software

Screening Eagle Inspect

Intelligent inspection and asset management software

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