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Non-destructive object detection and identification is used in many industries including construction, engineering, and archaeology to assess the condition of materials, detect defects, and identify objects embedded within concrete. With advanced object detection solutions, you can achieve ultra-clear 3D and augmented reality visualizations of objects such as reinforcing bars, cables, pipes, delamination, cracks, voids and more.

Explore the easy-to-use solutions for precise object detection in all types of concrete structures

Object detection

Detect objects hidden in concrete such as rebar, post-tension cables and power conduits.

Rebar & metal detection

Achieve accurate rebar detection and cover measurement with advanced visualization.

Defect detection

Detect and localize voids, honeycombs, delaminations, pipes, and cracks inside concrete.

Data management & reporting

Centralize all visual inspection and sensor data for easy management and fast reporting.

Sensors and software for detailed object detection

Screening Eagle's powerful sensor and software solutions provide unmatched visualization into concrete structures for precise object detection. With a multi-technology approach, you gain a complete look at any type of objects hidden inside concrete

Gain valuable insights

Object detection

Ground penetrating radar is a valuable non-destructive testing (NDT) technology, for object detection in concrete structures. With an easy-to-use hand-held sensor, it is possible to generate detailed images in 3D and augmented reality, revealing the presence, location, and size of objects within the concrete.

Ground Penetrating Radar Sensors

Proceq GP8800 GPR concrete scanner

Proceq GP8800

Hand-held concrete GPR scanner for tight corners and small spaces

Proceq GP8000 GPR concrete scanner object detection

Proceq GP8000

Portable concrete scanner for deep clarity and multi-usage

Proceq GP8100 GPR ultra-wide concrete scanner object and rebar detection

Proceq GP8100

Ultra-wide concrete GPR for rapid scanning of large areas

Empower informed decisions

Rebar and metal detection

Reinforcing steel is often challenging to locate and assess its condition. For accurate rebar detection, use a concrete cover meter to swiftly pinpoint the location, depth and diameter of reinforcing bars, empowering you to make informed decisions about structural integrity, repair, and rehabilitation measures.

Profometer Concrete Cover Meters

Profometer PM8000 Pro expert cover meter

PM8000 Pro

The expert cover meter

Profometer PM8000 advanced concrete cover meter


The advanced cover meter

PM8000 Lite easy concrete cover meter

PM8000 Lite

The easy cover meter

Elevate assessment capabilities

Defect detection

In areas densely reinforced with steel rebar, detecting objects and defects such as pipes, cracks, honeycombs and delaminations can be easily done with ultrasonic pulse echo. Using a lightweight sensor, you can accurately pinpoint the location, size, and orientation of a wide spectrum of objects and defects, and visualize them in real-time in 2D, 3D, heatmap and augmented reality.

Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Sensor

Pundit PD8050 Ultrasonic imaging system concrete assessment

Pundit PD8050

World's lightest multi-channel ultrasonic PE array imaging solution powered by AI

Propel your productivity

Data management & reporting

Save hours in the field and the office with a streamlined workflow for visual inspection and NDT sensor data management. With all your data in one place, and every object or defect geolocated to their exact position, productivity is significantly boosted. Using intelligent inspection software you can prioritize findings, take notes, 360 photos and even create 3D reality scans of the structure.

Intelligent Inspection Workflow Software

Screening Eagle Inspect the intelligent inspection workflow and asset management software

Screening Eagle Inspect

Intelligent inspection workflow and asset management software

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