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Ensure durable construction

Asset owners

Prevent costly and time-consuming repairs down the road with comprehensive inspection during and after construction for longer lifespan.

Maximize site efficiency

Construction firms

Leverage timely and efficient solutions to collect, analyze and report the data you need in compliance with stringent building codes and regulations

Achieve reliable results

NDT technicians

Rely on trusted technologies to deliver comprehensive inspection of complex industrial components and structures, even in harsh environments.

Explore efficient solutions to inspect industrial components and structures

Visual inspection

Seamlessly capture, manage, and report visual inspection findings and NDT data.

Subsurface mapping

Map subsurface utilities to prevent costly utility strikes and optimize excavation

Defect detection

Detect and map defects with ease and visualize them immediately in 2D, 3D or AR.

Strength testing

Evaluate the compressive strength of concrete with high accuracy in minutes.

Hardness testing

Bring a new level of quality assurance to your metal inspection with hardness testing.

Flaw detection

Save time and costs later on with early detection of flaws in crucial components.

Build on quality. Maximize durability. Transform your industrial construction site inspections and non-destructive testing

Boost visual inspection efficiency

with intelligent software

Eliminate the inefficiencies associated with manual data collection and reporting with intelligent software specifically designed for NDT and visual inspections for all types of construction sites. Seamlessly capture, manage, and report inspection findings with customizable checklists that ensure nothing slips through the cracks

Map underground utilities

with subsurface ground penetrating radar

Prevent costly and disruptive utility strikes, optimize excavation and installation processes, minimize downtime and ensure adherence to construction plans with subsurface mapping GPR. You can also use subsurface GPR to detect and map subsurface anomalies such as voids, cracks, or changes in composition, safeguarding the structural integrity of concrete foundations and slabs within industrial settings.

Detect defects early

with ultrasonic pulse echo

Bring a new level of efficiency to your concrete quality checks with ultrasonic pulse echo technology. Only one side of the concrete needs to be accessed and no is couplant required, meaning a more efficient and less messy solution than traditional defect detection methods. Rely on an ultrasonic pulse echo imaging system like the Pundit PD8050 to detect and characterize defects within concrete structures with high resolution to protect the integrity of your industrial facilities

Check concrete compressive strength

with rebound hammer technology

Gain valuable insights into the compressive strength of concrete structures in industrial settings with the help of the trusty rebound hammer. This versatile tool is easily portable and can be used to non-destructively assess the strength and uniformity of concrete at various locations in minutes enabling fast assessment of its overall quality.

Assess hardness of structural steel

with portable hardness testers

Hardness testing plays a pivotal role in industrial construction, ensuring that structural steel complies with industry standards and meets the specific requirements of the application. The Equotip family of portable hardness testers offers a comprehensive range of solutions for industrial construction, delivering unmatched precision and ease of use. Don’t settle for less to achieve unwavering quality and compliance in your industrial construction projects.

Detect flaws in welds

with ultrasonic inspection (UT)

Achieve the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring the long-term reliability of critical assets with efficient weld inspection solutions. Welds are crucial to many industrial structures and undergo immense loads and often harsh environments. Ultrasound flaw detectors like the Proceq UT8000 are often used on industrial applications to detect flaws and discontinuities in welding with high accuracy, efficiency and full traceability.

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