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Comprehensive concrete characterization assessments are crucial for infrastructure resilience, protecting the safety of structures, while maximizing asset lifespan and long-term value.

Discover the efficient, easy-to-use solutions for concrete characterization

Concrete strength testing

Accurately estimate concrete strength with a rapid, cost-effective solution.

Concrete uniformity assessment

Check concrete uniformity, detect weak spots and locate optimum drill spots.

Data management & reporting

Enable streamlined data management and reporting with intelligent software.

Concrete repair testing

Evaluate the strength of the bond between a repair material and concrete.

Sensors and software for concrete characterization

Discover trusted sensor and software solutions for concrete characterization providing accurate and reliable data for informed decision making. Enable preventive maintenance and repairs, while protecting the integrity of your valuable assets.

Rapid, cost-effective solutions

Concrete strength testing

Evaluating concrete strength is essential for ensuring infrastructure durability and enabling proactive maintenance strategies. With ultra-portable concrete rebound hammers, you gain valuable insights into the structural integrity of concrete elements and ensure reliable concrete strength estimation according to EN13791.

Concrete Rebound Hammers

Original Schmidt rebound hammer OS8000

Original Schmidt OS8000

Original Schmidt OS8000

Silver Schmidt OS8200 rebound hammer

Silver Schmidt OS8200

The advanced rebound hammer

Schmidt OS-120 Pendulum hammer concrete

Schmidt OS-120

The pendulum hammer for lightweight or fresh concrete

Reliable, accurate results

Concrete uniformity assessment

Poor concrete installation is one of the leading causes of structural collapse. Check concrete installation quality is uniform with ultrasonic pulse echo or ultrasonic pulse velocity, two efficient non-destructive solutions. More NDT means less coring is needed. Ultrasonic pulse echo is also used as a reliable way to detect weak spots in concrete structures.

Ultrasonic Pulse Echo sensor and software

Pundit PD8050

World’s lightest multichannel UPE imaging solution powered by AI

Pundit 200 ultrasonic pulse velocity tester

Pundit 200 

UPV test instrument with an extended range of measurement modes

Ultra-fast reporting

Data management and reporting

Secure the structural health and integrity records for all assets using an intelligent, easy-to-use software. One project alone can have several hundred, or even several thousand, points that need to be recorded, which becomes challenging and prone to error without an efficient digital workflow.

Intelligent inspection software

Screening Eagle Inspect the intelligent inspection workflow and asset management software

Screening Eagle Inspect

Intelligent inspection and asset management software

Automate efficiency

Concrete repair assessment

The quality of concrete repair is determined by the adhesive strength between the repair material and the substrate. Pull-off testing is the most widely used test method to assess this bond strength. Ensure your concrete repairs meet the highest standards and deliver long-lasting durability with comprehensive result tracking and automated efficiency.

Pull-off Adhesion Tester

Proceq DY pull-off adhesion bond tester concrete repairs

Proceq DY-2 Pull-off

Automated pull-off adhesion tester to assess bond strength of concrete repairs

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