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Ensure      reliability

Asset owners

Keep your renewable energy assets running smoothly and generating clean energy without interruption using efficient inspection technologies to detect problems early.

Detect hidden damage

Maintenance companies

Detect hidden damage such as cracks, corrosion or other structural defects that could compromise the safety or performance of the asset with advanced non-destructive solutions.

Deliver excellence


Deliver high quality, compliant renewable energy assets by using advanced inspection solutions during construction phase to save on potentially larger costs down the line.

Discover smart technologies to ensure safety and longevity of renewable energy assets such as wind turbines and solar panels.

Welding inspection

Conduct efficient inspection of the welding on wind turbines and other assets with high accuracy.

Gloss measurement

Accurately and efficiently inspect the gloss on the surface of solar panels even in difficult-to-access locations.

Subsurface mapping

Detect and map buried utilities that may interfere with wind energy installations or solar development.

Hardness testing

Assess the hardness of wind turbine blades, wind towers and other metal components.

Meet the growing demands of the renewable energy industry with safer assets and efficient inspection solutions

Conduct weld inspections

with ultrasonic testing (UT)

Ultrasonic flaw detection is a crucial non-destructive testing (NDT) method for inspecting welds on wind turbines, ensuring the integrity and safety of these important structures. UT is used to detect internal defects, such as cracks, porosity, and lack of fusion, that may not be visible to the naked eye. Using an easy-to-use flaw detector like the Proceq UT8000, enables inspectors to identify and assess defects in the turbine with high accuracy, empowering timely repairs and compliance with relevant codes, standards and regulations.

Inspect solar panels

with gloss meters

Regular inspection is essential for maintaining optimal performance of solar panels. By measuring the gloss of solar panels, inspectors can identify the presence of dirt, dust, or other contaminants that can reduce the efficiency of the panels by scattering sunlight and impairing its absorption. Ultra-portable glossmeters like the Zehntner ZG8000 give accurate, fast results to facilitate timely cleaning and maintenance. This ensures that solar panels capture the maximum amount of sunlight and generate the highest possible electricity output, contributing to the overall energy production and financial returns of solar farms.

Detect buried utilities

with subsurface mapping GPR

Subsurface ground penetrating radar (GPR), is a valuable tool for utility mapping in renewable energy projects, providing a non-invasive and efficient way to locate underground utility lines and structures. Create detailed images of subsurface features, revealing the presence of buried cables, pipes, and other underground obstructions in 3D, in real-time for the siting, installation, and maintenance of renewable energy assets, such as wind turbines, solar farms, and geothermal power plants. GPR mapping helps avoid costly and potentially hazardous encounters with buried utilities, ensuring the safe and efficient development of renewable energy infrastructure.

Test material hardness

with portable hardness testers

Portable hardness testers offer a convenient and efficient method for conducting hardness testing on renewable energy assets such as solar panels, wind turbine blades, and hydroelectric turbine components. These handheld devices deliver precise measurements of material hardness, enabling inspectors to assess the integrity and durability of critical components. Trust in Equotip portable hardness testers to help you ensure that renewable energy assets can withstand the harsh environmental conditions and operational stresses they encounter.

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