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Ensure compliance

Government Agencies

Make large-scale airfield investigations fast, efficient and accurate whilst ensuring compliance with regulations for safety and maintenance.

Propel investigations

Airport Consultants

Generate high-resolution 3D data with precise spatial accuracy, deep profiling capabilities and unmatched data acquisition speed.

Enhance data visualization

SUE Engineers

Collect comprehensive data of subsurface utilities and view the results in true 3D visualizations with a time-saving end-to-end workflow.

Discover ultra-efficient solutions for airfield investigation

Mobile mapping

Gain a clear view of what lies beneath the airfield with ultra-high resolution at high speed.

Data analysis

Post-process and analyze large data sets to extract the deepest insights for easier interpretation.

Comprehensive subsurface mapping solutions for airfield safety

Conduct efficient airfield investigations

with mobile mapping GPR

Say goodbye to time-consuming airfield investigations with the latest solution in subsurface multichannel GPR – mobile mapping. Using an easy to set up GPR array sensor like the GM8000 mounted to a vehicle, you can map the underground environment with superior accuracy even at highway speed if required. The subsurface utilities such as pipes and cables, or other buried objects can be viewed with an incredible level of detail in real-time via the iPad. Trust in the GM8000 to accurately map large airfields even in challenging conditions.

Upgrade your deliverables

with GPR data post-processing software

Along with large amounts of data collected with mobile mapping GPRs, comes the need to analyze it easily and efficiently. A popular solution is web-based software like GPR Insights. It takes your raw GPR data and transforms it into meaningful, actionable 3D rendering visualizations for clearer decision making in only a few clicks. There is no need for fancy computer equipment as it works on any standard PC or laptop. And the learning curve is quick, allowing you to create stunning deliverables in minutes.

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