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Ensure production quality

Vessel Manufacturers

Rely on rugged equipment that can help you inspect large numbers of vessels during the manufacturing process to ensure high quality before installation.

Minimize unplanned downtime

Asset Owners

Make lighter work of regular pressure vessel inspection with equipment you can count on to check for any defects that could compromise integrity.

Deliver   accurate    results

NDT Technicians

Generate comprehensive, accurate and reliable data of hidden defects with user-friendly, durable NDT equipment for pressure vessel inspection.

Streamline pressure vessel inspection processess for reduced costs and improved operations

Flaw detection

Inspect 100% of the welding on nuclear pressure vessels with high efficiency and full traceability.

Hardness testing

Conduct accurate hardness checks of pressurized vessels with portable, accurate solutions.

Explore efficient pressure vessel inspection equipment

Accurately detect defects

with ultrasonic flaw detectors

Detect hidden defects in pressure vessels with ultrasonic flaw detectors. Assess thickness to measure possible metal loss and reveal flaws like cracks, porosity, and delamination, which could compromise integrity of the vessel. With ultrasonic flaw detectors like the Proceq UT8000, you can say goodbye to guesswork and uncertainty, confidently ensuring the quality of your pressure vessels with fully traceable results. Prioritize safety and reliability with Proceq ultrasonic flaw detectors.

Measure hardness of welds and components

with portable hardness testers

Empower your pressure vessel inspection regimen with Equotip portable hardness testers, the trusted tools of non-destructive testing. Conduct comprehensive hardness measurements whether you're navigating complex welds or inspecting hard-to-reach areas, portable hardness testers are a reliable NDT solution. Gain real-time insights into the material's condition with an efficient workflow, to ensure requirements are met and hardness is consistent throughout the weld or component. Explore the Equotip family of portable hardness testers for pressure vessel inspection.

Have multiple requirements, or not sure of the best equipment for pressure vessel inspections?

Our product specialists will help guide you through the process of finding the right solution for your needs.

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