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Advanced uniformity and thickness assessment solutions are indispensable for ensuring the safety and reliability of concrete. With accurate and timely insights into concrete uniformity and thickness, it's possible to identify potential issues early on, prevent costly failures, and extend the lifespan of concrete structures.

Discover the effective solutions for comprehensive concrete uniformity and thickness assessment

Uniformity & thickness assessment

Achieve high resolution, precise assessment of concrete uniformity and thickness.

Voids and delamination detection

Determine the depth and location of discontinuities and measure the thickness of concrete.

Rebar and object detection

Clearly see rebar and objects that can affect the thickness and uniformity of thick concrete.

Concrete density testing

Gain a quick and general indication of concrete density, uniformity and thickness variations.

Visual inspection & data management

Leverage a highly productive visual inspection workflow with fast assessment reporting.

Sensors and software for thickness & uniformity assessment

Utilize trusted sensor and software solutions for accurate and reliable data when assessing concrete uniformity and thickness. By combining the solutions, you can correlate the different types of data to ensure comprehensive assessments for informed decision making.

Unleash AI-powered productivity

Uniformity & thickness measurement

Ultrasonic pulse echo (UPE) technology offers a comprehensive approach to assessing concrete uniformity and thickness in detail. Use it to measure the thickness of concrete with AI-assisted positioning for high precision and locate subsurface defects with ease. The data can be viewed with large scale 2D, 3D, heatmap and augmented reality visualization modes.

Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Imaging System

Pundit PD8050 Ultrasonic imaging system concrete assessment

Pundit PD8050

Ultrasonic Pulse Echo and UPV Imaging System

Enable rapid data aquisition

Voids and delamination detection

Impact echo (IE) stands as a valuable solution for evaluating concrete uniformity and thickness, and detecting voids and delaminations. Its simplicity, versatility, rapid data acquisition, and effectiveness in thick concrete make it particularly effective for inspecting thick assets. The compact probe can be applied to a wide range of concrete structures, including slabs, walls, beams, and columns.

Impact Echo Tester

Pundit PI8000 Impact Echo and Pile Integrity tester

Pundit PI8000

Impact Echo & Pile Integrity Tester

Gain superior insights

Rebar and object detection

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is complementary to other non-destructive testing (NDT) methods like ultrasonic pulse echo (UPE) and impact echo particularly in evaluating concrete uniformity and thickness. Accurate rebar detection is crucial for assessing concrete uniformity, as the presence and spacing of rebar significantly influence the concrete's structural behavior. GPR can precisely map the rebar with high resolution imaging, and locate subsurface voids or changes in thickness.

Ground Penetrating Radars

Proceq GP8800

Hand-held concrete GPR scanner for tight corners and small spaces

Proceq GP8000

Portable concrete scanner for deep clarity & multi-usage

Proceq GP8100

Ultra-wide concrete GPR for rapid scanning of large areas

Ensure comprehensive results

Concrete density testing

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) is a useful part of evaluating concrete uniformity and thickness. UPV measurements can help identify localized areas with reduced density, which may indicate potential issues like corrosion, weaker materials, or poor concrete consolidation. By correlating UPV data with other NDT results, a more comprehensive assessment of concrete uniformity and thickness can be achieved.

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester

Pundit 200 ultrasonic pulse velocity tester

Pundit 200

Best-in-class ultrasonic pulse velocity meter

Foster high performance

Visual inspection and data management

For a comprehensive evaluation of concrete uniformity and thickness, visual inspection serves as a crucial complement to other methods. Visual inspection provides a preliminary assessment of the concrete surface, enabling the identification of visible defects, cracks, spalling, discoloration, or other irregularities. This guides the selection of appropriate NDT methods for further detailed evaluation. Using intelligent software, you keep all data together for easier management and fast, comprehensive reporting.

Intelligent Inspection Software

Screening Eagle Inspect the intelligent inspection workflow and asset management software

Screening Eagle Inspect

Intelligent inspection and asset management software

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