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Prevent costly repairs

Government Agencies

Maintain the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of your road networks with early detection of issues or defects, preventing more costly repairs in the future.

Make informed decisions

Highway Agencies

Generate comprehensive data on the condition of roads, enabling agencies to make informed decisions about maintenance and repair priorities.

Deliver efficient inspection


Achieve high efficiency on every job, whether you’re inspecting a pavement or thousands of kilometers of roads and highways, rely on trusted solutions.

Explore efficient road inspection solutions 

Visual inspection

Empower visual inspections of roads and highways with clear data and fast reports.

Road layer profiling

Determine the road layer depths with real-time visualization to plot layer profiles.

Road marking visibility testing

Inspect the visibility of road markings and signs to keep traffic running smoothly.

Pave the way to durable, safer roads and highway networks

Streamline road inspection

with intelligent software

Optimize all types of road and high assessments by using intelligent visual inspection software. From archaeology and cultural resources applications, to road, highway and bridge inspection, the main goal is to achieve accurate, clear data. Intelligent inspection software like Screening Eagle Inspect, empowers visual inspections of roads and highways, providing all stakeholders with ultra-clear, comprehensive data and fast reports.

Enhance road layer profiling

with subsurface ground penetrating radar

Subsurface GPR offers a reliable solution for several types of road applications including utility locating, subsurface mapping and determining the road layer depths to plot a layer profile. One of the most crucial points of road assessment with GPR is that visualization of the layers and any subsurface objects can be done efficiently. With Screening Eagle Proceq GPRs, you can measure road profiles, locate utilities and visualize the subsurface environment in high resolution 3D in real-time for super-fast analysis of the data.

Test visibility of road markings and signs

with retroreflectometers

Ensuring a reliable and efficient way to inspect the visibility of road markings and signs is essential for safety. From hand-held solutions to measure the retroreflectivity of signs, to dynamic retrorelectometers that can measure the visibility of large-scale highways, discover the reliable solutions for every project to keep traffic running smoothly.

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