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Concrete assessment is not just a technical necessity; it's a moral obligation to protect our future. Let's prioritize non-destructive concrete assessment to ensure the longevity and increase the safety and quality of all structures.

Explore the most important assessments for concrete structures and the efficient solutions.

Corrosion Assessment

Identify areas of corrosion within the concrete to prevent structural failure.

Concrete Characterization

Determine the properties of concrete, such as compressive strength and weak spots.

Uniformity & Thickness

Assess the concrete uniformity and thickness to ensure strength and durability.

Defect Detection

Detect hidden defects in concrete, such as cracks, voids, and delamination.

Object Detection

Locate best spots to drill and identify objects  such as rebar, conduits, and PT ducts.

Visual Inspection

Record visible damage such as cracks or spalling at the touch of a button.

See into concrete with outstanding 3D visualization

Our software-enabled sensor solutions cover the latest non-destructive testing solutions such as GPR (ground penetrating radar, also called ground radar, ground penetration radar, concrete scanner), Ultrasound Pulse Echo Imaging, Ultrasound Pulse Velocity, Impact Echo, Pile Integrity, Eddy Current rebar locators, half-cell corrosion potential sensors, resistivity meters, rebound hammers and more.


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