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Ultraportable, wireless instruments for easy data management. We provide you with the most innovative tools to measure various surface parameters from appearance factors like gloss, to material parameters like hardness. Our industrial surfaces portfolio also covers roll hardness testing, and automatic paint film applicators. Swiss made quality, ultra-lightweight hardware, with heavy-duty possibilities. Equotip portable hardness testers and Zehntner Glossmeters detect any signs of fatigue, resistance, corrosion and wear characteristics, accurately and efficiently.


Film & Paper-roll Hardness

Out of round rolls and other defects such as corrugations caused by non-uniform roll hardness profiles are a major cause of lost production for both producers and converters alike. A reliable measurement of the roll hardness profile is of critical importance in deciding whether a roll is good or bad. Proceq’s instruments give the production staff the support they need to quickly and reliably test the roll hardness and to interpret the results as efficiently as possible. It enables the user to quickly and precisely diagnose roll imperfections, hardness inconsistencies and uneven winding, thereby preventing problems for printing and converting operations.

Paper Schmidt PS8000

Precise roll hardness testing using rebound hammer technology


Equotip 550 Leeb U

Versatile Leeb hardness on-site testing of large rolls, thin foils, and films


Proceq RQ8000

Outstanding precision through position-based quality measurement





Zehntner gloss meters are made for use in the paint, plastics, paper, foil and metal industries, conforming to many standards including ASTM International worldwide standards.

Superior gloss measuring systems covering several ranges and angles, for use on a variety of materials. Zehntner Glossmeters are renowned for their special solutions for measuring on very small or curved samples.


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Coating & Film

Proceq has a full range of coating and film products covering several of the most demanded industrial applications. Our comprehensive portfolio includes precise manual and automatic film applicators as well as cross-cut, wet-film thickness, marking, hardness and skid resistance testing devices.

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Carbon Ceramic Brake Disks

Carboteq is a unique and patented instrument to accurately measure brake disc wear. Carboteq is based on pulse-induction technology using a specific arrangement of inductive coils and advanced signal analysis to compensate for influences of material characteristics and brake disc geometries, conforming to highest quality and automobile standards.

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