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Metal hardness, flaws and corrosion are the top parameters to check for any metal structure or component, whether on the production line, or in an aging bridge.

Explore crucial assessments for metal components and the portable solutions.

Hardness testing

Assess the hardness of almost any object, polished parts and heat-treated surfaces.

Corrosion mapping

Non-destructively identify areas of metal corrosion to prevent possible failure.

Flaw detection

Detection and evaluate defects in different materials such as metal and composites.

Confidently assess the condition of metal assets to ensure continued reliability and performance.

With easy-to-use technologies and advanced software, you can ensure the integrity and safety of critical metal structures and components, optimize maintenance schedules, extend the lifespan of valuable assets, and meet the highest standards of quality control. Our software powered solutions cover the latest non-destructive testing solutions including ultrasonics and rebound (Leeb) method.

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