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Ensure durability

Coating Manufacturers

Employ reliable and reproduceable solutions for quality testing tasks in the lab to ensure reliable and consistent coating and paint samples.

Maintain excellence

Quality Control Inspectors

Confirm coatings and paints meet quality and regulatory requirements with efficient application, scratch tests, abrasion tests and mar resistance tests.

Deliver consistency

Production Technicians

Optimize your coated products and ensure that every coating is applied uniformly and consistently to eliminate defects and improve quality

Obtain cost-effective solutions that deliver consistent quality

Manual film application

Ensure reliable and reproducible coating application for testing charts, panels or foils.

Automatic film application

Leverage uniform and consistent samples with precisely controlled thickness.

Film & coating quality testing

Conduct efficient automatic scratch, scrub or crock testing of films and coatings.

Gloss measurement

Accurately measure the gloss of paint and coatings to ensure overall quality control.

Discover the versatile solutions for coating and film application and testing

Apply uniform films of paint

with manual film applicators

Achieve flawless uniformity when applying thin films of coating materials and paint for dropdown charts in the lab. Using manual film applicators, you can ensure reliable results with easy to clean equipment. Manual film applicators are best suited for small batch production.

Enable high volume coating application

with automatic film applicators

In high volume production environments where consistency, accuracy and efficiency are critical, or when multiple tests are being performed, automatic film applicators are the ideal solution. With precisely controlled thickness, you can ensure reproducible coating application while saving time and reducing material waste.

Conduct coating quality tests

with automatic film testers

Automatically assess different aspects of coating durability and resistance to wear and tear. insights into the coating's scratch resistance, its durability and its ability to resist abrasion over time. You can also use automatic film testers to determine the coating's resistance to staining and its ability to maintain its color integrity under various conditions.

Measure paint and coating gloss

with industry compliant glossmeters

Ensure that paint and coatings meet consistent standards of gloss across different batches and production runs, detect surface defects and inconsistencies, and confirm that the products meet the customer's specifications with advanced glossmeters. Whether you need to measure very small, or extra-large surfaces, Zehntner glossmeters offer superior measuring systems for use on a variety of materials and applications.

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