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Advanced Non-destructive testing (NDT) for power generation asset management and inspection

Leverage precise and reliable technologies to ensure safety and reliability of critical power plant assets, energy infrastructure, and power generation equipment including turbines, pipelines, boilers and pressure vessels.

Turbine and generator assessment solutions

Turbine and generator assessment solutions

Turbines and generators in the power generation industry are subject to aging, wear and tear, operational stresses, and environmental factors. Utilize the accurate and rugged NDT solutions to inspect critical components like rotors, blades, casings, shafts, bearings, and more.

Steel pipeline inspection solutions

Steel pipeline inspection solutions

Utilize intelligent non-destructive technologies to gain unparalleled insights into the condition of steel pipelines. Achieve comprehensive assessment of every aspect of pipelines in the power industry, including their structural integrity, corrosion resistance, and weld quality.

Pressure vessel inspection solutions

Pressure Vessel inspection solutions

From weld inspections to the assessment of high-alloy steel components, employ NDT solutions that deliver exceptional precision, efficiency and traceability. Discover efficient NDT methods to ensure the safety and operational efficiency of your critical assets with comprehensive and accurate data.

Heat exchanger and boiler inspection equipment

Boilers & heat exchangers inspection solutions

Gain a clear understanding of the condition of boilers and heat exchangers even in harsh conditions for informed decision-making and proactive defect mitigation. Explore precise and efficient solutions for heat exchanger and boiler inspection to ensure their sustained reliability and safety.

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