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Having an ultra-clear view of the complex network of utilities underground is crucial to prevent costly damage, optimize construction projects, ensure safe digging and assist with excavation.

Explore the versatile solutions for subsurface utility mapping with high efficiency

Versatile SUE utilities surveying

Scan and digitize the subsurface with clear 3D image of utilities as you walk.

Multichannel GPR utility mapping

Achieve an accurate 3D map of the underground with the highest density of data.

Highway speed mobile mapping

Get powerful insights into large areas with the highest level of efficiency and detail.

GPR data analysis

Take your GPR data analysis and deliverables to the next level with easy-to-use software.

Advanced GPR sensors and software for SUE Utilities Survey

Leverage easy-to-use sensor and software solutions to deliver clear, real-time data for subsurface utility mapping projects, giving you the ultimate insights for informed decision making.

Ensure damage prevention

Versatile SUE utilities survey

Locate and map a wide range of underground utilities, including pipes, cables, conduits, and voids with ease using powerful ultra wideband GPR technology. Visualize the objects below in real-time with high resolution and accurate geolocated data.

Subsurface Mapping GPR

GS8000 subsurface mapping GPR


The everyday GPR mapper

Accelerate data collection

Multichannel GPR utility mapping

Experience the latest advancement in subsurface GPR with enhanced capabilities for utility location and mapping. Conducting SUE utilities surveys with multichannel GPR enables parallel data acquisition, significantly increasing survey speed and efficiency.

Multichannel 3D GPR System

GS9000 Multichannel Subsurface Mapping GPR


The multichannel GPR mapper

Enable unmatched efficiency

Highway speed mobile mapping

Thanks to groundbreaking new mobile mapping GPR technology, SUE utilities surveys on large areas such as bridges and roads are now exceedingly efficient. With interchangeable arrays you can achieve near and deep detection of utilities at highway speed.

Multichannel GPR Mobile Mapping System

GM8000 Mobile Mapping GPR


The ultimate subsurface mobile mapper

Facilitate big data analytics

GPR data analysis

With GPR sets of all sizes often comes the need for post-processing to obtain the ultimate deliverable, rather than just a mark on the ground. Using easy-to-use software with ultra-fast computing architecture, it’s now possible to create stunning visualizations in minutes from any type of GPR data, regardless of size.

GPR data post-processing and analysis software

GPR Insights web-based post-processing and analysis software for all types of GPR data

GPR Insights

Web-based GPR data post processing and analysis software

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