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Ensure accuracy

Oil & Gas companies

Be confident that your machine foundations and piles are free from voids, cracks and other defects with clear, reliable and real-time data results.

Enable scalability

Engineering firms

Handle projects of all sizes and detect potential issues with foundations or piles before they occur with scalable solutions that deliver comprehensive assessment.

Deliver superior results

Concrete contractors

Count on reliable and portable equipment to deliver accurate onsite results to meet industry standards, reduce costs and maximize efficiency.

Efficient solutions to ensure solid ground

Machine foundation assessment

Identify the presence of cracks or voids in concrete foundations with real-time visualization.

Pile integrity testing

Assess the quality of concrete piles and plates with fully-traceable and real-time data.

Discover the versatile solutions for assessing concrete slab foundations and piles

Assess concrete machine foundations

with subsurface mapping GPR

Defects and voids in concrete machine foundations can cause instability of the machines, potentially causing devastating consequences down the line. Subsurface mapping GPR is used to rapidly assess foundations before construction and monitor the settlement of the foundation over time. You can also use subsurface GPR to locate anchor bolts that secure the foundation to the soil and see the results in 3D, in real-time.

Evaluate the quality of concrete piles

with a pile integrity tester

Ensure the safety and reliability of oil and gas facilities from the ground up, and prevent costly failures with accurate concrete pile integrity testing. Confirm new piles are free from voids or defects and assess the length of unknown installed piles using a highly portable pile integrity tester like the Pundit PI8000. Leverage an efficient workflow with real-time results and rapid comparison of multiple piles at the same site to identify outliers.

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