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Ensure high quality

Turbine Manufacturers

Rely on efficient NDT equipment for turbine inspection during the manufacturing process and before they are shipped to power generation companies.

Gain reliable data

Power Generation firms

Inspect turbine blades and generator rotors to detect cracks and other defects with high efficiency and precision for informed decision making on maintenance.

Deliver precise results

NDT Technicians

Demand equipment that consistently produces accurate results so you can ensure you deliver superior NDT inspection on a wide range of turbine and generator components.

Discover efficient, non-destructive testing equipment for turbine and generator inspection.

Flaw detection

Identify and classify defects in forged components like turbine rotors with reliable and repeatable results.

Hardness testing

Measure the hardness of turbine blades, bolts, turbine stator and generator stator wedges with high accuracy.

Inspect turbines and generators with efficient, reliable solutions

Detect flaws in turbines and generators

with ultrasonic flaw detectors

Unlock the reliability of your power generation assets with ultrasonic testing, a powerful tool for detecting hidden flaws in turbine blades and generator rotors. Detect cracks, voids, and other defects before they cause potential failures or downtime, ensuring the smooth and uninterrupted operation of your power generation systems. Discover efficient ultrasonic flaw detectors to inspect turbines and generators and keep them operating at peak performance.

Check hardness of turbine and generators

with portable hardness testers

Harness the power of portable hardness testers to ensure the strength and integrity of critical turbine and generator components. Regular hardness testing enables the detection of material degradation or inconsistencies, preventing potential failures and ensuring the long-term performance of power generation equipment. Testing the hardness of turbine bolts, wings, stator is typically done with Equotip UCI method. Generator stator wedges and wind turbine noses are usually inspected with Equotip Leeb method. Discover the Equotip family of portable hardness testers for precise and efficient inspection.

Have multiple requirements, or not sure of the best equipment for your turbine and generator inspections?

Our product specialists will help guide you through the process of finding the right solution for your needs.

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