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Unlock a productive approach to concrete defect detection and gain unparalleled insights into the condition of your concrete assets. With advanced concrete defect detection solutions, you enable informed decision-making to prevent costly repairs, unforeseen downtime, and potential safety risks.

Explore the effective solutions for accurate defect detection in all types of concrete structures

Visual inspection

Harness an efficient workflow that optimizes planning, visual inspection and reporting.

Defect detection

Uncover and evaluate defects including voids, cracks, honeycombing, and delaminations.

Corrosion detection

Detect and map areas of high corrosion probability within reinforced concrete structures.

Sensors and software for concrete defect detection

Unlock a new level of visualization into the health of concrete structures with powerful sensor and software solutions. Using a multi-technology approach, you gain a complete, in-depth look at the defects hidden inside any concrete asset.

Capture valuable data

Visual inspection

Defect detection starts with visual inspection to provide a comprehensive initial assessment of a structure's integrity. Leveraging intelligent software with AI-powered crack detection and 3D reality scanning, visual inspections become streamlined and highly productive. The combined insights from AI and 3D scanning empower inspectors to identify and classify visual defects with precision and efficiency.

Intelligent software for concrete defect detection

Screening Eagle Inspect the intelligent inspection workflow and asset management software

Screening Eagle Inspect

Intelligent inspection workflow and asset management software

Enhance assessment capabilities

Defect detection

Detecting defects in concrete elements and structures has never been faster or easier with the use of ultrasonic pulse echo and impact echo. These two complementary technologies work together to identify deep and shallow defects such as cracks, delamination, voids and honeycombing, even in very congested rebar areas. The powerful combo delivers real-time data analytics and advanced visualization modes for informed decision making on maintenance and repairs.

Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Sensor & Impact Echo tester

Pundit PD8050 Ultrasonic imaging system concrete assessment

Pundit PD8050

World's lightest multi-channel ultrasonic PE array imaging solution powered by AI

Pundit PI8000 Impact Echo and Pile Integrity tester

Pundit PI8000

Thickness measurement, defect detection and pile quality testing using the impact echo principle

Save time and money

Corrosion detection

Corrosion of reinforcing steel embedded in concrete is a significant defect that can impair the structural integrity, durability, and safety of concrete structures. Half-cell potential is used to assess the corrosion tendency of steel reinforcement in concrete. With easy-to-use electrodes, it is possible to gain a fast and clear indication of the extent of corrosion damage and help identify areas that require repair or rehabilitation.

Half-cell Corrosion Potential Sensors

Profometer PM8500 Corrosion half-cell potential meter

500 Corrosion Kit

Base kit with rod electrode

(Sensor and Software)

Profometer PM8500 Corrosion one-wheel electrode

One-wheel Electrode

Scan big vertical areas

(walls, ceilings etc)

Profometer PM8500 Corrosion 4-wheel electrode

Four-wheel Electrode

Scan big horizontal areas

(Slabs, bridge decks etc)

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