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Spotting defects in composites is crucial as they can lead to premature failure and safety hazards. By identifying and addressing defects early, you can maintain the integrity of the material and ensure its continued ability to withstand the intended stresses and loads.

Discover composite flaw detection solutions to streamline inspection procedures and reduce downtime

Ultrasonic composite flaw detection

Accurately assess critical composite structures and components with high efficiency

Ultrasonic sensor and software for composite flaw detection

Ultrasonic flaw detectors are an efficient and user-friendly solution for a wide range of non-destructive testing (NDT) including composite flaw detection. The combination of full traceability, unmatched accuracy and portability makes the Proceq UT8000 flaw detector a popular choice for this crucial inspection.

Achieve unmatched accuracy

Composite flaw detection

For composite flaw detection in even the most complex structures, ultrasonic flaw detectors the ideal solution. With a portable device, it's possible to thoroughly examine composite materials for a wide range of defects, including voids, cracks, delaminations, and fiber misalignment. The data is visualized in real-time, providingcomprehensive insights into the material's integrity, even for the smallest defects. With full traceability and rapid report creation, you can rest assured of a documented, efficient, and compliant inspection process. The Proceq UT8000 flaw detector empowers you to inspect critical structures like aircraft wings, bridge components, and wind turbine blades with the utmost accuracy and versatility.

Ultrasonic Composite Flaw Detector

Proceq UT8000 ultrasonic flaw detector

Proceq UT8000

Portable ultrasound flaw detector with full traceability

Proceq Flaw detector Live app

Proceq Flaw detector Live app

Powerful iPad software for data analysis & reporting

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