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Non-destructive testing (NDT) for oil and gas applications

With many critical areas to inspect, portable, reliable equipment is paramount for quality control and safety of the inspector. Discover efficient inspection solutions that can handle complex oil and gas applications, reduce maintenance costs, prevent damage, and ensure quality and safety.

metal component Inspection solutions

Metal component assessment solutions

Nondestructive testing (NDT) of metal components is crucial for ensuring the integrity and safety of structures and equipment in the oil and gas industry. See the efficient solutions to detect and assess defects in a variety of components, including pipes, tanks, valves, and pressure vessels.

rock core analysis equipment

Rock core analysis solutions

Rock core analysis is vital for optimizing plans for extraction of resources. Rely on trusted portable methods to test the hardness of cores for rock structure categorization with accurate and highly repeatable results.

foundation and pile testing solutions

Foundation and pile testing solutions

Assess the integrity on concrete piles and foundations to identify any defects of damage before they become too severe. Boost efficiency with an advanced portable solution for rapid comparison of multiple piles at the same site.

Pipeline and power line inspection solutions

Pipeline and powerline mapping solutions

Collect high resolution 3D data of the subsurface in real-time to ensure damage prevention, enable subsurface exploration and rapid pipeline mapping for even the largest oil and gas sites.

oil rig inspection software and NDT equipment for offshore facilities

Oil rig inspection solutions

There are many structural elements and potential issues to look for on oil rig inspections including visible signs of corrosion, cracks in the metal, deterioration of protective coatings, weld issues and other signs of damage that need further attention. An efficient way to manage all the findings is with intelligent oil and gas inspection software.

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