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Improve reliability

Government agencies

Improve the safety and reliability of oil and gas production facilities with reliable NDT solutions that deliver accurate and reliable data to assess the safety of oil and gas production facilities.

Avoid downtime 

Oilfield service companies

Improve risk management with data-driven insights into the condition of metal assets. Increase safety and avoid downtime or production losses by identifying and flaws and defects promptly.

Increase onsite efficiency

NDT technicians

Rely on highly portable, easy to use equipment that can withstand the rigors of the field to make your work faster and more efficient whilst delivering accurate and fully traceable results onsite.

Obtain cost-effective solutions that deliver reliable data for metal inspection

Portable hardness testing

Confirm metal components meet specifications and identify areas of potential weakness.

Metal flaw detection

Inspect the interior of metal to detect hidden flaws including cracks, voids and inclusions.

Meet the increasing demand for safety and reliability with efficient inspection equipment for metal

Measure hardness of metal

with portable hardness testers

Enable quick and accurate measurements of material hardness, for valuable insights into the strength, durability, and potential wear resistance of metal parts using portable hardness testers. The Equotip family of portable hardness are world-renowned for their durability and optimal performance even in the harshest environments. Trust in Equotip to ensure your metal components meet stringent requirements, and minimize downtime.

Measure cracks and voids in metal

with ultrasonic flaw detectors

Unseen flaws within metal structures and components can threaten their integrity and safety. Ultrasonic flaw detectors are used by engineers and NDT technicians all over the world to reveal these hidden defects before they cause catastrophic failures. Increase safety and efficiency in oil and gas operations with metal inspection equipment you can count on in high pressure, high temperature environments to detect even the tiniest flaws.

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