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Superb data from SFCW antenna

GS8000 uses Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave (SFCW) technology and has a bandwidth of 40 - 3440 MHz, significantly reducing the typical tradeoff between resolution and penetration depth. The raw data is available for customised post-processing or you can enjoy our real-time imaging functions and see the subsurface in 2D and 3D while standing above it.

Accurate geopositioning 

The GS8000 comes complete with a GNSS receiver so that location data is captured together with the GPR data. Augmentation services are available to achieve positional accuracy down to centimeters in real time. 

Advanced 3D data processing

Reports can be generated from the GS app or the online Screening Eagle Workspace platform. The GPR and GNSS data can also be processed however you require using our powerful desktop software, GPR Slice and GPR Insights.

Are you ready for the GS8000?

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