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Having an ultra-clear view of the conditions beneath the ground is crucial to prevent costly damage, optimize infrastructure and development projects, uncover history, map subsurface utilities and conduct forensic investigations.

Explore the versatile solutions for subsurface mapping.

SUE utilities survey

Detect and map the complex networks of underground utilities, such as pipes, cables, and conduits.

Structural diagnostic and monitoring

Ensure the ongoing safety and integrity of buildings, bridges, and other critical infrastructure.

Geophysical survey

Reveal the geological composition, structural integrity, and potential hazards that lie beneath.

Forensic investigation

Accurately locate and map buried objects, voids and clandestine graves without disturbing the site.

Archaeological Exploration

Create high-resolution maps of the subsurface, detect buried features and identify potential areas for excavation.

Achieve accurate, outstanding 3D visualization in real-time

Discover software-powered subsurface ground penetrating radars (also called georadar, subsurface imaging system) to deliver powerful insights and takes efficiency to new levels for utility mapping, geophysical surveying, archaeological exploration, bridge diagnostics, roadway mapping and much more

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