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 Technology-powered best practices
Structural assets can now be inspected through end-to-end best practices, contributing to a net-zero carbon city.
Accredited and trusted services
Our NDT and inspection services are recognized by the Singapore Accreditation Council and certified by bizSAFE.
70+ years leaders in InspectionTech & NDT
Under the umbrella of Screening Eagle Technologies we bring the world’s leading inspection ecosystem.
Our Team
From the underground world to the tallest buildings, our engineers use state-of-art technology to provide the clearest insights into the health and quality of assets. We empower our customers with best practices for inspection of the built environment through our customer training, certification, next frontier inspection workflows, research and development, and inspection services.


Preserving structural health by serving our customers with the most comprehensive range of nondestructive testing services and asset inspection solutions
Periodic Structural Inspection (PSI)
Our professional engineers ensure that buildings are properly maintained and safe for public use with our one-stop PSI solutions. We also leverage our intelligent INSPECT software to streamline the workflow and provide fast, traceable and reliable data to asset owners. These comprehensive visual inspections include detecting voids in concrete and identifying any cracks with AI defect analysis. All inspection data is captured together with its true position in 3D, so you receive fast, clear and complete inspection reports every time.
Drone Inspection and Modelling
Innovative and comprehensive drone solutions for buildings, tunnels, bridges, ports and much more. We capture asset condition data, identify structural and safety issues and provide actionable insights. Moreover, we can be a digital partner to convert client assets into 3D Digital Twin and keep track of all asset data in one secure place, including NDT results.
Periodic Facade Inspection (PFI)
With our PFI Competent Persons and full-stack technology team, we can quickly deploy advanced solutions like drones and robots with non-destructive testing (NDT) payloads to collect valuable data. Our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can further automate defect detection and report generation.
Handover Inspection
We deliver handover inspection services for institutional and retail buyers of assets, including HDB and condo units and commercial buildings. Our engineers and inspectors work to identify any outstanding defects in concrete structures or incomplete finishes, making sure that the asset meets industry standards and buyer requirements.
Structural Condition Assessment
We use advanced technologies to quickly and accurately assess concrete conditions including checking for signs of alkali-silica reaction (ASR) also known as 'concrete cancer' in buildings and infrastructure like bridges, viaducts and tunnels. We are uniquely positioned to leverage Proceq's 70+ years of knowledge in nondestructive concrete testing and structural condition assessments. This helps avoid issues like ASR and increases asset value. Condition assessments check for anything that may compromise structural integrity, concrete defects, and signs of aging which is crucial for a solid predictive maintenance strategy.
Nondestructive Testing (NDT)
Our experienced engineers deliver the full range of NDT services including nondestructive concrete testing, subsurface utility location, hardness testing, road safety and industrial surface inspections. Our Swiss-made technologies deliver best in class results for pile concrete testing, strength and uniformity checks, permeability, defect and flaw detection, and many other highly requested NDT services. Catch ASR in concrete before it becomes unmanageable. With over seven decadesin the industry, we can assist with complex inspections and non destructive testing of concrete or almost any other material.
Whole Life Carbon (WLC) Assessment
Clearer data, clearer decisions. Our certified team help asset owners determine structural integrity, concrete quality and calculate the asset remaining useful life and embedded carbon. The data we provide from WLC assessments empowers clients to justify key decision makings in areas such as renovation and demolition. As the topic of climate change becomes ever more important, having insights into the assets' overall carbon impact on the environment has become vital to achieving a net zero-carbon city.


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