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Ensure runway safety

Airport operators

Avoid runway closures or possible safety risks with effective solutions to measure visibility of runway markings, or detect subsurface voids.

Maintain compliance

Government agencies

Ensure that runway markings meet all applicable visibility standards, detect subsurface utilities and ensure safe landing grounds.

Prevent damage


Measure pavement thickness and detect subsurface pipes and cables under the runway with high efficiency, real-time data and fast reporting.

Discover time-saving solutions to inspect airport runways, taxi ways and aprons

Subsurface mapping

Detect and map the network of pipes and cables under the runway and surrounding areas.

Runway marking visibility testing

Confirm that runway markings are clearly visible in all conditions, complaint to all standards.

Employ trusted solutions for reliable data

Detect and map subsurface utilities

with subsurface mapping GPR

Map the location of buried utilities, such as pipes, cables, and foundations with real-time data visualization to prevent damage during runway construction or maintenance projects with subsurface mapping GPR. This non-invasive technique also helps to confirm the drainage system is functioning properly and evaluate the condition of subsurface pavement structures.

Test visibility of runway markings

with retroreflectometers

Retroreflectometers (visibility testers) are a common way to routinely inspect the airport and taxiway markings to test their level of light reflectivity. Using a dynamic solution, you can save time on these inspections, with less manpower required and fast reporting of the results. Zehntner retroreflectometers are world-renowned as the trusted solution for measuring the visibility of runways and taxiways with ISO 17025 accredited calibration as standard.

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