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Empower quality

Vehicle manufacturers

Leverage efficient non-destructive solutions to accurately assess automotive components, materials and structures throughout the vehicle production line.

Diagnose issues

Automotive repair firms

Detect defects in composite materials, map areas of potential corrosion with ease, measure carbon ceramic brake disc wear and inspect automotive paint finishes with ease.

Deliver reliable results

NDT Technicians

Confirm welding on automotive parts meet strength and integrity requirements, inspect casts and forgings with ease, and assess solid tires with accurate results.

Discover automotive NDT solutions to inspect the quality of vehicle components

Composite flaw detection

Detect defects in automotive composite components with efficient ultrasound inspection solutions.

Brake disc wear inspection

Check that carbon ceramic brake discs are not worn beyond safety limits with user-friendly wear-indicators.

Solid tyre inspection

Confirm the number, depth and spacing of steel rods inside solid tires to ensure quality and safety.

Paint gloss measurement

Inspect the gloss of the paint finish on vehicles to confirm that it meets aesthetic and performance standards.

Hardness testing

Measure the hardness of metal or cast parts, and forging dies for the automotive industry.

Drive quality in the automotive industry with efficient non-destructive testing solutions

Detect flaws in composites

with ultrasonic testing (UT)

Ultrasonic testing is an efficient non-destructive method to assess the integrity of structures like hoods, bumpers, and composite body panels to identify flaws that could lead to premature failures and safety hazards. User-friendly and versatile ultrasonic flaw detectors like the Proceq UT8000 UT's enables accurate inspection of a wide range of composite materials, including carbon fiber and fiberglass, commonly used in automotive manufacturing.

Check carbon ceramic brake disc wear

with a portable wear indicator

Worn down carbon ceramic brake discs can lead to decreased braking performance and potential safety hazards. To ensure the optimal performance and safety of carbon ceramic brake discs, wear indicators like Carboteq are employed to measure their wear with high accuracy and ease-of-use. Use Carboteq to provide a clear visual indication of brake disc wear, allowing for timely replacement. This proactive approach helps to prevent premature failures, maintain vehicle safety, and extend the lifespan of carbon ceramic brake discs.

Inspect solid tires

with ground penetrating radar (GPR)

Solid tire manufacturers need to rely on efficient and accurate methods to check the number, depth, and spacing of steel rods within tires, which can be time-consuming and imprecise with traditional methods. However, GPR offers a faster, more accurate alternative. Proceq's ultra-portable GPR, GP8800, can swiftly and effortlessly locate steel rods within solid tires, enabling manufacturers to ensure the quality and safety of their products with real-time results. Inspect the integrity of solid tires with speed, accuracy, and ease to secure quality production of safe solid tires.

Evaluate automotive paint finish

with glossmeters

Glossmeters are essential tools for evaluating the quality of paint finishes on vehicles throughout the automotive industry. They are used in various stages of the vehicle production process, from pre-production inspections to final quality control checks. Zehntner’s range of gloss meters for automotive and other applications helps ensure all vehicles and parts meet standards, and receive the same level of paint quality and layer thickness which is crucial for both appearance and durability of automotive paint.

Assess hardness of metal and forged parts

with portable hardness testers

Hardness testing is routinely carried out in several areas of the automotive industry to ensure parts have been manufactured correctly and that they will perform according to specification during the lifetime of the vehicle. Equotip portable hardness testers are commonly used to measure hardness of components such as engine blocks, cylinders, shafts, gears, brake systems, coils and panels. Discover the Equotip family of trusted portable hardness testers for automotive applications.

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