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Our road portfolio covers the latest innovations for testing the visibility of road markings, traffic signs and airport markings. As we head into an age of autonomous vehicles that rely on well maintained road markings, it’s become more critical than ever to establish greater uniformity and higher standards. Measure the retroreflectivity of road markings, studs, signs and other reflective materials accurately and efficiently with Zehntner Retroreflectometers. Intelligent mapping software, full traceability, and real-time data sharing.





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Zehntner ZRM

Static Retroreflectometers

Zehntner ZDR

Dynamic Retroreflectometers



Sign Retroreflection

Zehntner ZRS

Visibility measurement of traffic and road signs and reflective materials



Marking Thickness & Skid Resistance


Zehntner ZMM

Dry film thickness measurement

Proceq SRT

Portable skid resistance testing





Proceq Subsurface GPR

Utility Location & Mapping

Proceq GPR

Object & Defect Detection




Visual Inspection & NDT Sensors Integration

Maximize your inspection work through seamless integration with non-destructive tools such as ground penetrating radar, ultrasound or rebound hammers and visualize all insights on one platform.