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Achieve real-time data


Identify potential oil and gas reservoirs and guide coring and drilling operations with real-time, accurate 3D data of the subsurface environment.

Ensure repeatability


Say goodbye to paper and pen or USB sticks for recording and storing your measurements, experience unlimited data storage and an efficient workflow.

Optimize drilling


Assess the strength of rock formations with high precision to identify difficult areas for drilling and ensure the drill bit won’t cause damage to the wellbore.

Explore efficent NDT equipement to identify, assess and help develop oil and gas fields

Subsurface mapping

Map subsurface structures and identify zones of high porosity and permeability.

Rock core evaluation

Measure the hardness of rock cores efficiently on the drilling site or in the lab.

Discover the versatile solutions to evaluate rock structure and locate the best spots to drill

Identify coring locations

with subsurface ground penetrating radar

Scan large areas quickly and efficiently, for a comprehensive evaluation of potential drilling locations in oilfields. With multichannel subsurface mapping GPRs, you can produce high-resolution images of subsurface structures and characteristics, achieving detailed insights with real-time 3D visualization for informed decisions during drilling operations.

Test hardness of rock cores

with portable hardness testing

Quickly and accurately measure the hardness of rock cores on the drilling site or in the lab with precise and repeatable results. Using a portable hardness tester like the Equotip Live Leeb D, you can test a wide range of rock types to identify those with higher potential for oil and gas production. Portable hardness testers can also be used to assess the stability of the wellbore and identify areas where fracturing could occur.

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